Four reasons why you don't need to buy the 128GB Apple iPad

BIT: With a new 128GB Apple iPad officially announced this week, the question is, is there a good reason to upgrade from your current iPad?

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fatstarr1940d ago

... why bother let people upgrade just because its an upgrade lol why stop it now.

Deku-Johnny1939d ago

One reason you shouldn't buy anything from Apple: It's all over-priced garbage.

LOL_WUT1939d ago

Sorry but this article won't prevent people from buying one nice try though.

CraigandDayDay1939d ago

I have a small 16GB iPad Mini, but if I had the cash, and they offered it, I'd get a 128GB one in a heartbeat. Sure, their memory is over-priced, but it's nice to have that much space when you're like me and like to have all of your music and at least a few movies on your tablet for on the go or spontaneous media usage.

I do hope that one day Apple will allow us to use SD memory cards instead of paying their extortionate prices for higher memory options. But, at the end of the day, I love their products and the experience I get with them, so me and millions of others will continue to support them.

Their ecosystem of products that all integrate and talk to one another makes their product lines irresistible to millions of consumers like me.

--Typed on my 2011 MacBook Pro i5 with my iPad Mini (1st gen) sitting beside me and my iPhone 4s in my pocket. LoL

2pacalypsenow1938d ago

i can buy a laptop that does more than this for the same price