HMV Employee Live-Tweets Sacking From Official Company Twitter Account

NRM: "The triple-dip recession has hit HMV significantly, and as workers faced the sack, the retailer's official Twitter account was hijacked by an angry employee. These tweets provided a brutally honest insight into the recent layoffs, and were quickly deleted soon after posting."

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fatstarr1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

what is hmv?
besides that this is pretty entertaining definitely going out with a bang. I do see massive legal actions for some sort of slander and defaming a company image coming tho.

Speed-Racer1963d ago

A music/video retail chain.

krazykombatant1963d ago

like Racer-X said its a music/video retail chain in the UK which never adapted to the change of the internet and its impact on the market. Sadly, these guys will most likely go on out of business whilst GAME continues ripping people off with their "deals"

evil_element1962d ago

Better known as His Masters Voice