Microsoft's Cloud Oriented Office 365 Home Premium Touches Ground

Maximum PC: After months of beta testing, Microsoft on Tuesday announced the worldwide availability of Office 365 Home Premium. It's a departure from previous versions of Office, and while Microsoft likes to refer to Windows 8 as a reimagining of Windows, Office 365 is a "reinvention" of Redmond's popular Office product line for consumers. Unlike previous versions, Office 365 is a cloud-service.

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justinbkerr1939d ago

Consumers will never pay a subscription for Office.

dcbronco1939d ago

But businesses will. Getting productivity software that is updated often and geared to their needs is exactly what businesses want.

Th3 Chr0nic1938d ago

shiny things are good for taxes

dcbronco1938d ago

Always. Just another right-off.

newsguy1939d ago

Ballmer said "Office 365 is awesome." Guess I'm subscribing.