Facebook could pay you up to $10 from class action lawsuit

Vyralize: Everyday, we’re bombarded with Internet email scams about free money from multimillion dollar corporations and just hit the ‘delete’ button. Here’s one reward that actually pays out!

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Vyralize1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

Yea! Cashing in on this! Now I can pay off my Bugatti lease!

Soldierone1335d ago

If you read a lot of the print in the emails, you probably won't even get it. According to the email there are so many loops you have to jump through just to get 10 dollars. There is a reason why a company is "doing it for you." They wouldn't be in it if there wasn't something for them.

thebudgetgamer1335d ago

Some lawyer is about to get paid.

Unztayble1335d ago

I got this e-mail lol! FB has to pay 20 million dollars to user and I asked myself, "doesn't FB have billions of users?"lol! So we all get like 5 bucks lol!

Kos-Mos1335d ago

Your grammar makes your comment hard to read, thus not very funny.

caseh1334d ago

Perhaps you should resign yourself to reading the Oxford English Dictionary or a Thesaurus, i've heard both are incredibly funny.

kingmushroom1335d ago

sweet i can go see a movie at my local iMAX

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