Intel announces Yolo phone

Vyralize: Intel has launched the Yolo phone, the first smartphone aimed specifically for the people of Kenya.

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Vyralize1414d ago

Really?! I thought we left YOLO back in 2012?

RickHiggity1413d ago

Those of us with at least one working brain cell did.

Soldierone1414d ago

I think I just lost some respect for Intel. I can't stand YOLO or Swag, and whoever thought of the words needs to quit saying stuff to customers, and just keep flipping patties in the back of their McDonalds.....

MidnytRain1414d ago

"Swag" is a very old word...

fatstarr1414d ago

how are they stealing a name 1st off smh... you cant copyright /trademark YOLO
2nd that phone design is aged and it looks 4 years old.
and it will fail because of the name alone.

Cueil1413d ago

does this phone enslave children and make them into warriors?

Rauland1413d ago

yolo is so annoying to read ARGH

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