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Submitted by mpctips 1112d ago | rumor

Microsoft blasts PC makers: It's YOUR fault Windows 8 crash landed

The Register: "Microsoft blames PC makers for underwhelming Windows 8 sales over Christmas, The Register has learned. The software giant accused manufacturers of not building enough attractive Win 8-powered touchscreen tablets." (Microsoft, Software, Windows 8)

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newsguy  +   1112d ago
Yi-Long  +   1111d ago
What a joke...
... There are many people, LIKE ME, who right now WANT to buy a new PC or laptop, but are held back from doing so because we absolutely don't want Windows 8!

If anything, these PC-makers should be angry at MS for releasing a touch-interface OS for devices where we don't want/need to use our hands all over the screen all the time to operate it!.

I wish they would just start offering new hardware with Windows 7 again, which was pretty much perfect.
koehler83  +   1111d ago
Bingo! I love Windows 7. It really is damn close to a perfect desktop OS. I've always hated the idea of Win8 and simply couldn't recommend any new laptop to a friend as a gift idea over the holidays because of it. An actual example of PC makers suffering due to the OS, not the other way around. You can't expect them all to start building high-end tablets just to justify some dumb software.

That said, as a person who has their PC hooked up to their TV as their main content hub (have for years), I think I may finally see some potential for Win8 moving forward into 4k res TVs. A standard desktop layout would simply be too teeny to read from 8 feet at that resolution.

Having said that, we're not at a point of wide penetration of said resolution and so Win8 is simply premature as a desktop OS.
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GillHarrison  +   1112d ago
Slightly true, I would say almost 80% of Windows 8 Tablets and PC are cheaply built and complete trash. I'm happy to see Microsoft dip it's toes into the hardware market and now maybe they will start pumping out some quality products.
tachy0n  +   1112d ago
dude, windows 8 sucks big time!!
Blackdeath_663  +   1112d ago
having seen the tech at CES i was actually thinking there are way too many tables,ultra books and all in ones with windows 8 and touch screen.
Somebody  +   1111d ago
"I'm happy to see Microsoft dip it's toes into the hardware market and now maybe they will start pumping out some quality products. "

Perhaps that's the reason why the PC makers made such poor Win 8 devices: so that MS would be stuck with Surface tablets only. They already fighting a hard battle against Apple and Samsung in the touch business (while Nokia is not really a beacon of hope for Win 8) and now they have to fight it out among themselves in some sort of Battle Royale so that the top winners can be picked by MS?

Remember X Box? It was MS's first dip into the hardware market and it led to the "PC is Dead" age. in gaming term at least. PC sales were also down when the 360 came out so letting MS putting it's big foot into the PC hardware market might not be a great benefit for the PC makers. MS already decided there will be only a small number of makers will be granted to produce the Surface so how will that benefit the rest of the unpicked makers?

Besides the PC makers have been in the touch business BEFORE the first iPhones were launched. I've seen numerous laptops and netbooks that feature touch screens but Win 7 wasn't up to the challenge. I have friends who doesn't even know their laptop have touch screens! By the time tablets were popular suddenly it's hard to find laptops, let alone netbooks, with these screens. Now, the touch screens are back but on Ultrabooks that are much more expensive than regular notebooks? WTH happened?
DivineHand125  +   1112d ago
I agree that its The PC makers are mostly to blame for windows 8 struggles. Some of them had crappy designs for their laptop tablet convertibles that not many people would find appealing. While others had very attractive design and feature wise for example the Asus Taichi but when you see the price that is over $1000 you stop and think that i can get a regular windows 7 laptop with the same specs for several hundred dollars less. In summary the problems are.

1) Windows 8 RT- they shouldn't have made this OS unless it was going to be open like android. Also Desktop mode should have never been made available since you cannot run desktop apps on it.
Having it closed would only limit the experience and drive up the price of the device since Microsoft has to get their cut.

2) Windows 8 Experience - Microsoft should have allowed the user to choose if he/she wanted to use the new metro interface or the traditional desktop interface with start menu included instead of forcing the new interface on the general public. I remember when office 2007 came out and there was allot of resistance to it for a couple of years before people saw the new features it had over 2003.

OEM partners:
1) early designs were not very good.
2) Their ultrabooks, convertibles are too expensive.

I agree that touch and voice commands is the future and that an OS like windows 8 was essential for the PC market to evolve or face being overshadowed by the emerging tablet markets. I just wish it was implemented better than what we are seeing now.
plmkoh  +   1111d ago
"Microsoft should have allowed the user to choose if he/she wanted to use the new metro interface or the traditional desktop interface with start menu included "

They did, you can go to control panel and boot to desktop and also enable the start button. It's 10 seconds of menu diving.
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dee-ecks  +   1111d ago
No, you can't. You can how ever install "Classic Shell" which gives you a nice start button.
Yi-Long  +   1111d ago
I disagree.
"I agree that touch and voice commands is the future and that an OS like windows 8 was essential for the PC market"

In what future do you see me sitting behind a desk with a desktop computer and constantly leaning forward to touch my monitor because 'touch' is now somehow more efficient than simply sitting relaxed and using minimal movement with my mouse to navigate what I want to do and where I want to go....!?

Touch is great for tablets and phone, but for a laptop and desktop I prefer to keep my hand away from the screen and on the keyboard and mouse!
SilentNegotiator  +   1111d ago
"Their ultrabooks, convertibles are too expensive"

Gee, maybe their over-priced OS had something to do with it? People never needed tablets for full computer use anyway. People are buying tablets for light media and internet use. And people using full computers NEVER needed touch for their desktops/laptops.
topgeareasy  +   1112d ago
Windows 8 is terrible
snake_eater  +   1112d ago
Blame everyone else but not micro$hit...
hazelamy  +   1111d ago
standard procedure for ms.
steve30x  +   1111d ago
I used all of the windows 8 Beta's and I didnt like it at all.
TruthBTold  +   1111d ago
Recently purchased a beautiful sony vaio but once i tried using windows 8 i decided to go with apple and havent looked back. Thanks to your windows 8 i am now a Mac user and very happy with the switch.
Tzuno  +   1111d ago
Go to sleep Microsoft your win 8 is a joke you should do Xp2 with a clean and simple interface.
chukamachine  +   1111d ago
Nothing wrong with windows 8, it's just windows 7 with a new ui imo.

I've never bought a windows product anyway,oops.

But if you really want a proper start menu like 7.

hiredhelp  +   1111d ago
Microsoft = Everybody's fault
Oh btw not everyone can afford touch screen eaither they build once in a while a solid OS Then they build another jump ship after a while .
Best OS in my time and worst. Starting from my gateway 500 my first only bought PC
Windows 98 SE. Solid
Windows ME. Unstable
Windows XP with SP1. Solid
Windows vista not as bad as ME but not had support as xp so again little unstable.
Windows 7 solid

Windows 8 ive yet to test out uncertain im happy as i am with win7
Clarence  +   1111d ago
That's M$ for you
mcstorm  +   1111d ago
Wow alto of hate for Ms on here. I work in the IT industry and we have installed windows 8 for a few customers now and not one of them have complained that it dose not work. We had a few people who needed training on how to use the new ui but using a none touch desktop/lap top there is noting much to it as they all use x32 programs like sage, office, autocad, and photo shop so we removed the market place tile and added control panel my computer all there network drives and programs to there start screen and told them to go to the bottom left hand corner or hit the start key for the start menu and go to the bottom right hand corner or press the power button once to turn there pc off as we set it up to power down with a single press on the button. Not one user has complained about the os they have said they can find there apps drives ect faster.

I also own a surface rt and I had a bet with the guys I could use it for real work all week unlike my xoom and the iPad and I connected an external monitor to it and an external mouse and I worked on it for a full well with out any issues. I used von, remote desktop,, team viewer, our help all our printers and network drives.

Windows 8 is not for everyone but the hate it is getting from the people is just wrong. Windows 8 works on both types of processors acts as one os and can be used for more things than ios and android.

I agree with Ms Acer, Dell, HP and the rest really need to step up the game if they don't want Microsoft to become a apple type company where it makes it's hardware and software. The surface is a warning to them all that can make solid hardware and also shows how windows 8 should look on hardware.

People day the surface rt is a flop but it's not. It's sold over 1 million devices with limited shop access at a premium price and it is aimed at a small market and I see the surface pro selling ever more as it offers more to the IT pro users.

As I said Windows 8 is not for everyone but windows 8 is the only OS that that can run on all form factors and can replace a home pc and note book in a tablet format but it also needs the hardware to back it up.
Th3 Chr0nic  +   1110d ago
you sound like some sort of marketing recruit
mcstorm  +   1110d ago
haha not at all I just use my tech the way it should be and have a open mind to different tech. As I said I work in IT and tried different os systems and they all work well at what they do and windows offers more than any one else.
Th3 Chr0nic  +   1111d ago
Windows 8 is the worst OS EVER CREATED OR IMAGINED!!! PERIOD.
I would rather use WINDOWS ME and thats BAAAAD

Im an IT guy too and its just horrible. there is no reason to hide functionality under layers of color and BS!
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