Nanoparticle treated condoms that disable HIV and Herpes virus

Vyralize: Scientists have discovered that condoms soaked in silver nanoparticles appear to completely disable HIV and Herpes in lab experiments.

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Vyralize1944d ago

Wow, this is great news! Really can't wait for scientists to eradicate that virus all together.

etechmag1944d ago

You can't eradicate the virus itself. It's impossible to do that unless they come up with a vaccine, and AFAIK, making an HIV vaccine is pretty hopeless.

The virus itself is related to the virus that causes the flu. We've got a flu vaccine, but every year we need to get the flu shot because the virus evolves every year. The problem with coming up with a viable vaccine against HIV is that virus changes around 150 times more than the flu virus.

There have been several candidates for HIV vaccine, but since it replicates and changes so quickly, all those vaccines have failed clinical trials.

Sucitta1943d ago

do you work for the all loving government? the CDC maybe?

etechmag1943d ago

Yes, I am part of the conspiracy. But no, I have no affiliation with any government or the CDC.

NastyDaddeh1943d ago

you can cure the'd just have ship everyone who has HIV/AIDS to some remote area and let them die off. problem solved, NOW WHERE THE HELL IS MY NOBEL PRIZE!

Speed-Racer1943d ago

Lmao NastyDaddeh. That was my exact thought, but I decided I better keep that idea to myself.

fatstarr1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

that idea would work so well, Isolate the disease and let it kill off. but too many people believe that's inhumane and choose the other options...

etechmag1943d ago

Even if you ship off EVERYONE who has been diagnosed with it, there are still going to be people who have the disease but it hasn't been diagnosed, and there's a chance that they might pass it on to others.

If you have every one have their blood tested, there are still going to be errors such as false positives and false negatives.

The only effective way to eradicate a virus of this nature is to come up with a vaccine.

thorstein1943d ago

Actually cures will come in terms of genetic therapy. There have been quite a few experiments (one using HIV) that have cured cancer in patients using gene therapy. Problem is: once it is cured you can't make billions off of vaccines.

hellvaguy1938d ago

"You can't eradicate the virus itself."

He prolly said it because we've never cured any virus ever. And once you have a virus, you have it forever. It just goes into remission like the chicken pox and mono.

You don't have to be a doctor to know that. Takes all of 2 min to do a google search and find out that same info. Everything else is just sci-fi and speculation if we will ever treat viruses thru things like gene therapy and cloned baby genes. We can hold out for hope for things like that, but there's no guarantee anything will come of it.

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LackTrue4K1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago ) i can cure a female/male. but for me to get cure ima gana have to bend over....?!?

Software_Lover1944d ago

Condoms are against some people's religion because it is birth control. But yet, these same people aren't having a baby every time they have sex? There is some birth control going on somewhere.

Software_Lover1944d ago

exactly. The hypocrisy of some people knows no shame.

thebudgetgamer1943d ago

It's the Catholics and there's a reason why the term Irish twins was coined.

jony_dols1943d ago

'It's the Catholics'

Explain to me then, why predominantly Catholic countries like Ireland, Spain & Croatia have some of the lowest population densities in Europe?

Software_Lover1939d ago

To jony_dols

You just proved my point, atleast here in America atleast. Companies claim they will not allow for birth control, i.e. condoms, because it's against their religion and the government cant make them. Yet these people dont have 20 kids roaming around. In fact, most of these married people only have 1, maybe 2.

There is some birth control going on somewhere, dont you think?

fatstarr1943d ago

really really interesting, wonder when Trojan will pick this up...

but the masses are stupid, they would probably think this cures HIV and spin it to some silly girl and be like if you let me ___ you with this you will be cured or never be able to catch it lol. I can see the lines now.

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