Sony Launches Slim Xperia Tablet Z in Japan

Maximum PC: Technically speaking, Sony's newly unveiled Xperia Tablet Z is ever-so-slightly skinnier than Apple's iPad mini, measuring a scant 6.9 millimeters thin versus 7.2 millimeters. The difference in depth isn't exactly splitting hairs, which is measured in micrometers, but for all intents and purposes, the two tablets are comparable in thickness, or lack thereof. Unlike the iPad, however, Sony's tablet isn't afraid of a little water.

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justinbkerr1980d ago

1080p screens on mobile devices are going mainstream this year.

mpctips1980d ago

Methinks you're right.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

need 12.5 inch 4k oled tablet and movies in 120fps next..

NewMonday1979d ago

my wish exactly, it would be good enough as a mobile TV, comfortably holding it about 2 feet from the eyes it will feel like a 50'+TV, and OLED mean it wont shine to much on the eyes

fanze1001980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Though less than the iPad and Nexus 10, I think 1080p is more than enough on a mobile device.

Omega Zues1979d ago

Oh yeah, 1080p on a 10 inch device is more than enough.

Funky_Homosapien1979d ago

I use to work at Futureshop and the sony tablet prior to the Xperia was the worst selling tablet in the store and for good reason the specs were garbage, it was overpriced(who do they think they are apple?) and it was fugly(fat and ugly) it looks like sony is heading in the right direction with the newly appointed CEO.

sealava1979d ago

for a long time Sony lived in the shadows of the 70's and 80's ,selling over priced garbage just because it has their name.
hopefully they learn from this.

KwietStorm1979d ago

Overpriced, maybe, garbage, not a chance.

mcstorm1979d ago

I like the look of this tablet and I think Sony are starting to find there feet again.

I hope that Sony Samsung Dell HP Acer ect can now start to bring us some good looking Android and Windows 8 tablets and that they really show off what they have over the Ipad. I got my self a Surface last week to replace my Xoom and its impressive and if the rest can now take on board the + things of the surface and add there own ideas I think they will really hit the ground running.

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