Windows 8 Pricing Returns to Normal in February – Is $200 too Expensive?

Maximum PC: We’ve seen this story reported on by several blogs around the web, but few seem to point out that the price of Windows 8 isn’t going up, its just returning to normal. Microsoft’s promotional pricing allowed for $20 upgrades with the purchase of a new Windows 7 PC, or $40 if you have anything newer than XP expires at the end of the month, and it doesn’t look like they have any intention of extending it.

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TXIDarkAvenger1948d ago


If the price of Windows 8 goes up, I'm not sure how many people will make the switch cause not many people I know made the switch from Windows 7 when it was cheap. As someone who has made the switch, performance is better and I think you are able to get rid of the metro interface if you don't like it.

Crazyglues1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Yeah rising the price seems stupid, at least for consumers...

-but I'm pretty sure it's corporations they had in mind when they were thinking raise the price. As big companies don't think about the price as a big deal for upgrading...

I guess it's also to give people the impression of you should have upgraded when it came out to get it cheaper.. That way when Win 9 comes out people will be thinking you should upgrade as soon as possible..

It seems to be there Marketing strategy.. Kinda sucks if your just getting it now...

Mounce1948d ago

Whether Windows 8 has any issues or not, Windows 8 for me will be Vista....7 isn't bad, 8 isn't a giant leap and I honestly can't stand the UI of Windows 8....I had a family member buy a new laptop with W8 on it and she told me to check it out and help her get skype and a bunch of programs on it...So I boot it up and I'm like....w-...what the FUCK IS THIS SHIT?! lol. I was fucking confused at where the hell I had to go to get back to any form of legacy/desktop view, or My Computer, some....blocky looking mess of shit in my opinion, like the 360 UI and vibe, I just hate it.

I'd only force myself to get used to that kind of garbage if there was a permanent way to re move those Color-rainbow-boxes and if it improved gaming frame rates and other efficiencies that 7 can't do.

FlameBaitGod1948d ago

W8 was barely getting any attention on this price, how they think raising the price is gonna help.

FriedGoat1948d ago

a spur of last minute sales.

Sashamaz1948d ago

Just got mine, last minute didn't know they had this price cut, had I been aware of this sooner I would have purchased this earlier.

FriedGoat1948d ago

And that confirms my point, Thank you ;)

mcstorm1948d ago

This is nothing new we all knew it was going to happen. I think this year will be a big year for Windows 8 as it will have the hardware it should have now.

I have a PC running Windows 8 and I have to say I don't miss the old start menu at all on my work laptop. Once you get the hang on using the OS everything is a lot easer to access and the OS is more stable and runs quicker on my 3 year old laptop than Windows 7 did.

I have also got a Surface last week and this imo is the best tablet on the market. It is very well put together. Looks amazing and again Windows 8 RT is very stable fast and it has now stopped me from taking my laptop home as it will do everything my Xoom would but the big + it is will do everything my PC at work will to as it comes with Office and gives me VPN and Full remote desktop tools as well as extra screen support. Add the touch cover why would you look at an Ipad or Android tablet for a Laptop replacement.

Every one is different though but I do think the next 18 months apple will have the tablet market cut a lot by Windows 8 and Android as the hardware is about to come to the main market that will help people notices both.

FriedGoat1948d ago

I have 1 PC running windows 8 of my 5 computers, I will not install it on any other until the desktop is the PRIMARY feature. If I want crappy touchscreen interfaces I will buy a tablet.

mcstorm1948d ago

I love comments like this. Please can you tell me what you hate about the crappy touchscreen interfaces (As you seem to imply there is more than one) on Windows 8?

Veni Vidi Vici1948d ago

If you've read any benchmarks on RT(the software), you'd know that it's anything but fast and stable. It's extremely bloated.

mcstorm1947d ago

You see there is a big difference between reading something and using something.
From what I have seen on YouTube of the Surface when it 1st came out there were lag issues but MS pushed out a patch for the Surface and there is now no lag at all again seen on YouTube but I can say after having my Surface for over a week now I have not had any Lag issues. I was even playing SNES8x on my surface connected to my 46" tv and had my pc-360 controller wifi dongle connected and syncing 2 360 controllers and there was no Lag when playing Mario Kart, Killer Instinct and FZero in 2 player. I was also playing Hydro Thunder without any lag and it even gives force feedback.

The Older things I user are Office (no issues) O have also used it for remote support for work over the weekend I was connected to 2 VPN connections 6 servers via RDC as well as had Excel one note, Sky drive and box open and not once did I see any lag.

Like I said there was a lot of reports of issues with Lag when it 1st came out but I have not had any issues with Lag on the device.

Also here is the Link of a review of the Surface after the update MS have pushed out to the Surface.

black9111948d ago

I have the Samsung Series 7 DP700A3D. I love windows 8.

Revvin1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

I bought Windows 8 when it came out. I'd tried the consumer preview and didn't think it was very good but then Microsoft emailed me about the offer and curiosity got the better of me so I thought I'd give it another go. I went back to Windows 7 soon after as I felt Windows 8 wasn't ready yet, not enough Metro native apps so I spent 99% of my time in classic desktop mode. Unfortunately with no start menu button Microsoft have made it difficult and cumbersome to use. The 1% of time I did spend in Metro there just wasn't enough there to make me stay there. You can buy apps or cobble a start menu back into classic desktop but its something that Microsoft should have put there themselves.

Microsoft are trying to force Metro onto users, trying to force their vision of what an OS UI should be. Metro is not as customisable try to make out, you can change some things but as long as its within Microsofts strict parameters. Windows 8 sales are disappointing and the guy in charge - Steven Sinofsky leaves the company shortly after launch, it's like a train wreck in slow motion. As if that wasn't bad enough Windows tablet sales are also very poor and their mobile phone market largely clings to a manufacturer whose market share is in free-fall while they desperately court others.

Microsoft does not trust it's users or its own design enough to make it optional to boot to Metro or classic desktop with a start menu. Add that functionality to the first service pack and maybe people will upgrade and over time Metro will mature with more apps and better design and people wil start using it.

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