Is Apple Doubt Starting to Creep In?

SlashGear: Apple is a rather fascinating company when one examines not the products that it has developed but the way in which it’s viewed in the public. For years now, Apple has been considered the dominant, unbeatable force in the technology industry, and there have been few people – if any – that have actually believed that the company could do anything but succeed beyond all expectation.

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Ramon3MR1981d ago

They better produce something impressive with the next iPhone, that's for sure.

caseh1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

They are doomed, they always worked to a 5 year plan under Jobs, when thats gone the company will be aimless and keep rehashing aging concepts...something they've already started doing in abundance.

Why do people still buy iPods? Especially people who own iPhones...they'll wake up sooner or later.

MrDead1980d ago

You keep shoving the same old thing down peoples throats eventually they will turn their heads and demand something different.

adorie1980d ago

It's already happening. I know people who own Iphones who claim they won't be getting the next one, unless it's vastly different.