Nexus 4 demand 10 times higher than Google expected

Cnet - Ten times as many British phone fans want the Nexus 4 than Google expected. LG has once again blamed Google for stock issues with the perenially sold-out smash-hit Android phone, saying the Big G had no idea of the potential demand.

Speaking to Challenges, LG France boss Cathy Robin pointed the finger at Google. LG says it simply built as many phones as Google asked for, a number based on the sales of previous Nexus phones, such as the Nexus S.

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-Mezzo-1976d ago

Wow, that is Awesome......For you.

Get the thing back in stock so i can freaking buy it already.

duplissi1976d ago

lol... i have a friend who is ready to buy my galaxy nexus as soon as i upgrade.

still willing to assist if you need help.

-Mezzo-1975d ago

But is it even available.

I can send you the money in 2 days, but whats the point if it's not available and the wait is in weeks.

mcstorm1976d ago

That's good news. I like android and want it to do well. One of the guys at work has this phone as it is a very good phone. I do like wp over Android but it is a very good os and it's good to see lg doing well though.

DizzyDino1976d ago

That sucks it's already obsolete. No 4g lte? No thanks. I'll stick with the beast...Samsung Galaxy S3!!

Rageanitus1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

I have the international version of Xperia ION and it is not advertised to have LTE at all... yet when I placed the LTE sim card it picks up 4g. I heard the nexus 4 has the same LTE non advertised chip.

Having said that LTE is VERY fast. but pointless given that most of the cell phone plans are high in priced for high data usage... let alone LTE drains power like nuts

The nexus 4 is a good phone and honestly the only negative point is there is no micro SD slot. Other than that it looks and feels more solid than the s3.

Plus its Quad core with 2gb's of ram.

and Given the price it is much better value

sdtarm1976d ago

its ridiculous that i havent been able to buy it so many months after its release, many attractive options are coming our way google, and the nexus 4 already starts to seem outdated to me in some aspects, i'll be ready to give it up and wait for something else if this thing doesnt go on stock soon

fOrlOnhOpe571976d ago

Looks to be a really nice phone but I think it would have been almost perfect had they given it a micro SD card slot.
Personaly, Im sold on the xperia z to upgrade from SE xperia arc.

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