Turns Out the Rumored Lenovo ThinkPad Chromebook is Real (and Rugged)

Maximum PC: That was fast! A rumor surfaced earlier this week suggesting Lenovo was planning to launch a Chromebook, jumping into territory that's so far been occupied only by Acer and Samsung. The rumor was true, at least as it pertains to Lenovo introducing a Chromebook model of its own, which it did today in the form of a rugged ThinkPad X131e.

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newsguy1919d ago

Never understood the appeal of Chromebooks...

justinbkerr1919d ago

Pretty sure a kid would prefer an iPad in an outterbox defender case to this.

Software_Lover1919d ago

I would rather just get a nexus 7 or even a kindle if I wanted something cheap that could get on the internet.