PC titans take notes from tablets to regain customers

(Reuters) - Personal computer makers, trying to beat back a tablet mania that's eating into their sales, are making what may be a last-ditch attempt to sway customers by mimicking the competition.

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Yi-Long1978d ago

... and many laptop/desktop users and thus potential customers, not wanting it.

It's the one big reason I haven't picked up a new laptop yet, even though I really need one right now. They all come pre-installed with Windows 8, which I absolutely DO. NOT. WANT.

If they want to sell me a big powerful laptop (or desktop), the first thing these 'PC Titans' should do, is offer me Windows 7 instead of Windows 8.

Software_Lover1977d ago

Or................. you could hit the desktop tab in windows 8 and and use it the regular way?