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How To Convert Your LG Optimus G Into A Google Nexus 4

Deviceseeker: These two devices are so similar that you can even turn your LG Optimus G into a Nexus 4, so in case you can’t find one to buy yet, just stick with us and you will see how to replace it.
I know that is hard to believe, but some very passionate Android developers over XDA Developers forum managed to find a solution to convert your Optimus G device into a totally different device.

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Speed-Racer1985d ago

Why would I want to do this? Install a fresh version of Cyanogenmod 10 and that's it.

allan851985d ago

I din't say that you should install it, I've only stated that is possible.

lordgreeg1985d ago

Well, it shouldn't be so hard to do it... they are basically the same phones, with minor changes.

chukamachine1983d ago

The best looking design imo is sense.

There are tons upon tons of roms, zip aligned, blah de blah, hacked and cracked, but the roms are either ics or jb and look the same.

If you really want your phone to look different.

Download a launcher awd etc and get new themes.