Mimobot: Batman The Dark Knight Rises LTD USB Flash Drive by Mimoco

Noble Press: Mimoco showed off the latest Mimobot USB flash drives in Las Vegas during the CES 2013 trade show. Mimobots are flash drives that are modeled after pop culture characters. These flash drives have a memory storage ranging in between 2gb and 64gb. The latest designs that were introduced were characters from Adventure Time. One of the coolest features of these flash drives is the MimoByte Sound software. When you insert one of these pups into your USB port, each device plays a phrase or sound expressing the characters personality. Right now this function is limited to the Adventure Time, Star Wars, and Star Trek units. If you are a nerd at heart and an avid techie, then these products are for you. I got my hands on a limited edition Batman Mimobot based off The Dark Knight Rises...

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