What The Power Glove Should Have Been

Noble Press: To everyone who has ever seen “The Wizard,” or has ever wanted a Power Glove when they were a kid back in the 80′s, rejoice! Brent Baier of Peregrine has come to fulfill our past dreams. In the Nintendo-produced film “The Wizard,” the protagonist Lucas Barton uses a Power Glove and says the infamous quote ” I love the Power Glove, it’s so bad.” At the time, this was a valid assessment, seeing as it was an absolutely terrible peripheral for the NES. It is very sleek, looks nicely on the hand, and doesn’t feel too heavy to wear.
The glove connects to your computer via usb at the moment, but they are hard at work on a wireless version. Depending on how long the cord is, wireless seems to be the only method of using it without requiring to have your tower on the desk. The Perigrine gaming glove works by mapping any of your keybinds to any of your four fingers, then you just press the different points of your fingers together to activate them. If mapped correctly, it can save you a lot of time using your abilities in a game, film editing, or even designing with Photoshop or Illustrator. This way you’ll not have to constantly look at the keys to ensure you’re pressing the correct ones.
I am really amped about the release of this for editing purposes; mapping things like cut, paste, and copy to my fingertips will save a lot when sketching on my Wacom Cintiq. Also, mapping brushes to my fingertips will make changing to brushes I commonly use an easy task with this glove.
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