Sony hints at PS4 announcement in May

Geek: At E3 this year it is expected that Microsoft will unveil the next Xbox in the run up to a release most likely happening in October. How Sony will respond to such an announcement is unknown, but it turns out the Japanese company may actually beat Microsoft to the punch.

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fatstarr1713d ago

if its not announced at E3, it will never be announced at its prime.

Speed-Racer1713d ago

Everytime I think about E3, I just think about Vaporware. I mean, I know the PS4 is inbound, but I've had my heart broken so many times cause of E3.

b163o11713d ago

Agent, the last 2 E3's. Killed me twice

Speed-Racer1713d ago

and The Last Guardian :O I remember when there was a huge hype made about it back in 2009.

eferreira1713d ago

Um the 360 and ps3 weren't announced at E3. Why share the spotlight with other competitors.

cedaridge1713d ago

Possibility. I'm ready for the ps4.

black9111713d ago

Ps3 still has alot of power i can wait another year or two

5eriously1713d ago

Fine, why you wait for the price to drop many will enjoy the new technology and new games! I think the starting lineup is going to be Magnificent a real eXBoxXXX killer with action packed IP's!

DrugAddict-1713d ago

glad nobody listens to you then

kingPoS1713d ago

I'm in no rush to see either pull a sega saturn with only a handful of titles at the ready.

DivineHand1251713d ago

A recent trend shows that they always announce most of their stuff in May.