Registry Hack Improves Surface RT Touch Response

Maximum PC: "The Surface RT firmware update Microsoft made available last week as part of this year's first Patch Tuesday brought with it a number of improvements, including improved audio playback in Connected Standby and “additional capabilities for handling firmware updates during low battery situations.” But as with most firmware updates, there are always issues, known and unknown, that remain unresolved until a future update — or, as in this case, a simple registry hack — gets rid of them."

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kingPoS1987d ago

Can I get a raise of hands of those willing to muck around the system registry. - Just be sure you have a cloned hard drive at the ready.

newsguy1987d ago

I don't want an RT. I want a Windows 8 tablet with x86 capabilities!

justinbkerr1987d ago

Surface RT, the world has moved on.