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Tactus Keyboard – The first touch screen with a physical keyboard

Vyralize: While Apple keyboards may be close to touchscreen perfection, nothing beats a physical keyboard. However, Tactus has a solution for that.

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Speed-Racer1796d ago

Throw ALL the money at this project. Hoping that some of the big names use this tech. Definitely could be a huge selling point.

Software_Lover1795d ago

I remember when we saw this last year. Glad they are still developing the tech because I had forgotten about it.

Liamabob1795d ago

Aren't the fluid reservoirs set at certain parts of the screen? So, for example, it can only cater to either a landscape keyboard or a portrait one, not both?

Ghost_of_Tsushima1795d ago

The channels are all over the screen I believe.

Liamabob1795d ago

I would hope so, but from what I've seen so far I can't tell for certain. It appears that when the channels flatten, their faint outline can still be seen. I've read a few articles on it but none seem to clarify that. I'm sceptical for now.

Speed-Racer1795d ago

Problem with that imo is what happens when a user wants to switch from portrait to landscape. I think it's way too early to tell though, but it's still a start.

fatstarr1795d ago

wow buckets and buckets of excitement.

this should have been shown years ago.

SKUD1795d ago

Terrific idea. Just hope they can make it durable.