'Apple Is Done' And Surface Tablet Is Cool, According To Teens

BGR - Apple's staggering success over the past few years can be attributed to the combination of several key factors. Great leadership is one, great products is another. Apple’s deep pockets and monstrous marketing budget have played an equal role in the company’s success but according to a new report, Apple may be losing its grip on an important demographic.

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-Mezzo-1987d ago

I still haven't gotten my hands on a Surface tablet, but yeah - Apple needs to step their game up with their Tablet line.

Software_Lover1986d ago

I want a surface pro sooooooooo bad. But 500 ATT bill for cancelling service, 500 bill to get two republic wireless phones kind of set me back last month.

Civilization 5 while on the night shift FTW!!!!!!

Cueil1986d ago

makes me want T-Mobile to really succeed with their new phone plan

Gondee1986d ago

These people are high lol. They sell more Ipads in a week than Surfaces sold so far...

HK61986d ago

Okay? I don't see how that relates to this article. Just because millions of grandparents and parents are buying iPads, doesn't mean that teens don't find it to be "cool" any more.

mt1985d ago

it is related because the article is saying apple is done according to teens so it means it is shouldn't sell well according to the article. I don't own Ipad I don't think i will own but I don't like to jump in the bandwagon because it is cool to hate on apple.

f7897901986d ago

Exactly and if Apple doesn't take note, they'll start losing sales as these teens get money. They'll need to come out with an iPad with a full desktop OS on it.

I'm dying for a Windows 8 tablet with the full OS on it. Just need to wait until summer to see how my financial situation is before I go blowing $800 or so on a tablet.

LOL_WUT1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Well said. These articles are written with the intention of gathering hits. Apple is doing good and selling tons of merchandise and thats what keeps all the haters up at night. If anything the Surface tablet is whats doing bad i'd me more worried about that. ;)

Speed-Racer1986d ago

How so? If the R&D company felt that that is the case, then I don't see the problem. Zach Epstein is a huge Apple fanboy, so I don't see why he would go the other way just to rake in hits.

Baka-akaB1986d ago

lol Surface isnt even selling well

Ulf1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Selling well, compared to what? An established tablet several years in the market? Or did you mean next to some particular Android tablet that's rocking the shelves?

I think that, as the new player, it's doing pretty well. It's ridiculous to think empires can be toppled overnight. That'd be like expecting the Nintendo DS, a console with the legacy of the GBA and a long line of Nintendo greatness, to be kicked over by Sony, with the PSP, in a single generation. The PSP only sold half as many units as the greatest handheld of all time, so therefore, it "didn't sell well". LoL.

I love my Surface RT, and I'll be back for more when the next one comes out. I may even grab a Pro, if I can't wait that long.

Baka-akaB1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Compared to what you say ? to Microsoft own's ambitions for it . That you own one and love it is another matter .

It's not setting the world on fire nor meeting the original estimates . So excuse me if i chuckle when an article try to imply otherwise based on some obscure marketing research .

If they want the surface to succeed they really need to take a hit on costs , and get more on shelves .

ArcticWolfUK1986d ago

You do realise the PS1 with zero gaming history toppled Sega and Nintendo even killed the Dreamcast...

but yeah

SKUD1986d ago

This lays down the ground work for the return of the ZUNE.

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