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Anonymous Launches White House Petition Saying DDoS Should Be Recognized As A Valid Form Of Protest

Techdirt - A few years back, we had an interesting discussion over whether or not distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) could be seen as a valid form of protest -- the modern equivalent of a "sit-in." There are significant similarities between a DDoS and a sit-in. And, we've seen at least one lawyer make the claim that his client was exercising his First Amendment rights when DDoSing a local city government.

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-Mezzo-1989d ago

First time i'm hearing about DDOS.

MikeMyers1989d ago

Protesting is fine and all but to block access to those who don't care about the cause is a different story.

Software_Lover1989d ago

Sometimes it's the only way to get peoples attention.

MikeMyers1989d ago

That is true but you have to be very careful about getting the wrong attention.

tachy0n1989d ago

you never heard of sit-ins?

NewMonday1989d ago

how about they actually get out and do a real sit-in

KingPin1989d ago

a perfect example of this would be the attack on sony.

they complaining that sony removed other OS, coz now they cant hack the console. whining about how they paid for it. sony added a bucket load of features since they bought it, i didnt hear them complaining when they were getting features they havent paid for.

people like myself am not interested in modding my ps3, or playing backups <aka pirating games> but what do anonymous do, take down psn completely.

now we had more people "suffering" than following their cause. they got my attention in a negative way which only makes me wanna back sony more. the large evil corporation.

anonymous started out with good intentions at the beginning but slowly got power hungry and threw their toys about when things didnt go their way. to be honest they need to go back to days of old or they will lose all the respect they have gained up until now.

OhReginald1989d ago


Thing is hackers don't need other OS for them to hack the ps3.

MikeMyers1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

No, they no longer need that other OS feature but they do have to have a system prior to a certain firmware update I believe. Which of course will prevent you from going online. What they and even legit consumers were upset about was a feature they decided to remove that they used to advertise. So if they don't need it to crack open the system then why isn't Sony bringing back that feature?

There are various forms of protest and with various causes. The issue I have are with the extremists who don't go about it the right way. It's like saying they had to blow up the doctors office to get attention to abortion. No, that is not the right approach. You don't serve your interests above everyone else. Just like with PSN going down, not everyone cared about the other OS feature or really cared about the new terms of agreement people have to sign. So why shut down the system to get their attention? At the end of the day what it did was strengthen Sony's security and that could have been a good thing looking back now. Sony did not handle it properly either. They took too long notifying its customers and it was down for over a month. Even now the service goes down from time to time for maintenance. I don't see Xbox Live, Steam or iTunes having to be shut down as often to upgrade the service or have scheduled maintenance.

The thing is we live in a different world today and you have very malicious people who want to cause havoc. This Anonymous group has not done a good job at making themselves look like Robin Hood. They have made themselves look like extremists. They have assigned their own cause, most of which nobody asked for. You also don't hide behind a mask and then say they have a right to protest. The same thing happens when a crowd of protestors walk the street for their cause, only to have a bunch of hoodlums wearing masks over their face and smashing windows. What do you think gets more attention? So instead of the focus being on the homeless or higher wages or whatever it is it turns into anarchy. They hide their face because they know what they are doing is wrong. The real problem is they don't care. In fact they don't care about anything which is why they act that way in the first place. They don't want organizers of the protest telling them what to do or anyone else for that matter.

SilentNegotiator1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Ps3 isn't an open platform. If these people want an open platform, they should build a cheap computer and install Linux.

The idea that no one can maintain closed platform software is absolutely ridiculous. If it became law that all software was open season if you bought hardware with it on there, GDP would crash and burn.

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ziggurcat1989d ago

what are these retards crying over now?

biRdy1989d ago

Let me guess, if the house refuses they will launch another attack? If launching DDOS should be a form of protest then shouldn't blocking companies shipments and flattening the tires of their trucks ok too? I know this isn't the best comparison but in my opinion I highly disagree.

extermin8or1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

WTF, you can preform a sit in on a location etc as a valid form of protests yes, but it's totally Illegal to physically block entrance to a shop etc. Therefore as DDOS tends to mean people can't get in no matter what why should it be legal. Also then you could do it to any company from the comfort of your chair. To actually preform a slit in its you have to go show your face and are easily identifiable...
Infact I'd say it's like giving them permission to lob bricks at the shops till they shut...

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