2013: The year that Valve attacks

Engadget - I lost a bet with myself at CES 2013. In the gaming preview we published ahead of this week's big show, I wrote, "As per usual, the games industry and CES are acquaintances at best -- at least from what we've heard thus far. Perhaps this will be the year that bucks the years-long trend, but we're not betting on it." Wrong. Wrong. But hey, this is one of those, "glad to be wrong" situations.

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Ulf1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )


Valve is going to sell people a boxed, non-upgradable (at least outside of Valve upgrades) mid-range gaming PC, for like $1000, and make sure that you can't run anything but Valve stuff on it, so that they can support it without users messing stuff up too bad... Also, all the games will be DL only, so you can never buy used.

Also, all PC game makers will cease making games for low-end PCs, and will instead target the Steambox, and not consoles of course, because who wants to make money there, when the $1000 Valve "console" will clearly take over.. and retailers will carry it, because they hate making money from disc games, and would instead like to support Valve's Steam economy, and leave themselves out of the loop. ..and Valve are going to rock the world. Ohhh kay. LoL.

My favorite part of the piece is the part where the current Steam community, them being PC gamers and all, "jump" on the new Steambox when it comes out... because they are not PC gamers by choice, right? They want to buy some new Steam-specific hardware that may not even be on par with their current PC, to play.... *drumroll* Steam games, which of course they couldn't do anywhere else.. like their gaming PC.

I'm seeing just a *few* too many hurdles here. Gabe and his gang better be workin' out.

Software_Lover1923d ago

I truly believe that if this device takes over, its the end of pc gaming as we know it. Valve will almost force devs to make their games exclusive to their hardware if it takes off. If not then, what is the point in such an investment? They want to control their ecosystem, and their ecosystem is pc gaming. It might take some time to implement, but with their anti Microsoft remarks lately, I believe this is what they are trying to do.