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Apple Gets Robbed Again In Las Vegas

Forbes : I’m not a person that gets annoyed very easily. But remarkably, time and time again Samsung has figured out a way get under my skin. I get it – the company wants to be “East Apple.” It’s a good goal to have. Heck, everybody wants to be Apple.

Then again, after Apple was awarded $1 billion in damages after a federal jury found sufficient evidence to determine that Samsung willfully infringed upon several Apple patents, you would think that Samsung would cease its “Apple flattery” right – think again.

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Revvin1924d ago

Fanboy rant, just like the swiss clock thing Apple did not invent that type of microphone whose silhouette they and Samsung have chosen to use as their icon for voice searching. I'm a happy iPhone 5 and iPad 3rd Gen user but I'm getting more and more annoyed by this constant litigation between companies that is stiffling innovation so if fanboy's like the article writer starts supporting it then the manufacturers will continue as they will see it as consumers giving them the green light to go ahead and litigate and not innovate their way to success.

M_Prime1924d ago

Some things people have to let go, this is one of them. Good thing nobody has a patent or at least enforceable patent on the shape of the heart or little girls everywhere would be sued, and valentine's day would be ruined (not like i care for it).

The patent law in some cases is so dumb, i remember watching on TV this piece where a lawyer wanted to teach his son about copyright so they patented the side to side swing. so technically a little kid (hes probably early teens now) somewhere owns the rights to swing side to side so if he sees someone do it all he has to do is snap a short video and he can sue. Certain things are too ridiculous to patent and i think that mic logo is one of them. now if it was a mic logo with a apple logo somewhere on it, i can see that being parented and if samsung stole that then i can see a case