Uh-oh, Windows RT, Samsung's got second thoughts

CNet: Mike Abary, the head of Samsung's PC and tablet business in the U.S., tells CNET that the company will not be releasing its Windows RT device in the U.S. because retail partners don't see strong demand and because the value proposition for Windows RT isn't clear to consumers.

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newsguy1987d ago

RT? I'd rather have an x86 tablet.

hkgamer1986d ago

i call x86 tablets fake tablets...
they just not as light or efficient as current tablets...
I seriously can't see the battery life lasting anywhere near real tablets...

but at the same time, it would be cool to just pull the screen of my laptop and have some kinda tablet when i need one...

1986d ago
Software_Lover1987d ago

If the people at Microsoft were smart, if they had any brain, they would have just named it Windows mobile 8, instead of RT. Used this O.S. on their phones and tablets, created a regular Windows O.S., windows 8, and called it a day.

Having Windows 8, Windows phone 8, and Windows 8 rt is just ridiculous. Its too confusing for consumers and serves no purpose. One O.S. for the mobile market and one for the laptop/desktop market.

They probably could've had a Start Button menu option to change the GUI on the desktop windows 8. I understand they were trying to create buzz with their new products but they have shot themselves in the foot.

adorie1987d ago

Dark times are ahead for Microsoft. Samsung is being bold and they might not be the first to pull this kind of thing on Microsoft.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1986d ago

lol win8 is a disaster.. win9, win11, 13 ftw!!

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krazykombatant1986d ago

Well i'm gonna ask someone here who I'm sure has more knowledge than me at with tech. I was planning and for now I still am planning on buying the Windows surface pro. But nothing has come up here in the UK. No price, no date and I'm slowly starting to get fed up so anyone have a other suggestions I have about 900 quid to spend.

This would be something for uni taking notes and such, hell I actually thought I might as well either get an iPad or the Macbook Air. But I swore i would slit my throat before I ever bought an apple product but that day seems to be getting closer and closer.

Revvin1986d ago

For £900 you could buy a basic Dell laptop and a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 for taking notes at Uni using the S-Pen. Nothing wrong with buy Apple, I own an iPhone 5 and iPad 3rd Gen but with £900 you could buy an iPad but have no money for the Macbook. I bought my kids a pair of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 for christmas, not a high end tablet but very good and at £238 in Tesco's with £50 cashback as well from Samsung its a bargain. The Note 10.1 would probably suit you better though as it has the S-Pen and handwriting recognition.

Liamabob1986d ago

Slitting your throat before buying apple seems a little extreme! I used to be of the mindset that the apple products were grossly over-priced and some people may argue that they still are, but once I eventually took the plunge on the 13" MBP, my perception of what a laptop should be immediately changed.

I've had mine now for two years and it still astonishes me how well-made this thing feels. Yes, you can get the same spec or higher processors and RAM as standard on cheaper windows laptops but the overall hardware in the lower price ranges pales in comparison.

The flex on the screens and creaks in the plastic cases of my past windows laptops always unsettled me and I've never found a laptop (in any price range) with a trackpad that works as well as this one.

Haters will no doubt continue to hate on apple products, but if you spend any time getting to know the OS and the hardware, there's a good chance you'll be won over.

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