Apple Working on New iDevice or Why Speculating is a Waste of Time, A Rant [Capsule Computers]

Jamie Laike Tsui of Capsule Computers writes:

"Every time my boss suggests (aka “orders”) that I should write up some news bit on some new speculation of some new iDevice from Apple, I am suddenly struck with the greatest urge to smack him. Why would I desire so deeply to commit a felonious act against my superior? Because speculating about new iDevices is a terrible waste of time."

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LinkageAX1866d ago

Apple will always be working on a new iDevice until people stop buying them.

Ryder491866d ago

True. You'd think people would be getting sick of them by now.

masterabbott1866d ago

Its like people will always buy the COD series until Activision stop making it.

majiebeast1865d ago

Arent they to busy starting lawsuits about ridiculous things?

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