900 foot-wide asteroid to make close approach to Earth tomorrow – scientists

Independent: A 900 foot-wide asteroid will make the latest in a series of close approaches to the Earth tomorrow.

Scientists have ruled out any possibility of a cataclysmic collision - yet - but there remains a non-negligible chance of the asteroid Apophis smashing into Earth in 2036.

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fatstarr1962d ago

I feel like I got a potential lesson on asteroids from this.

interesting stuff 2029 and 2036 years to look forward to.

Unztayble1962d ago

Hope they get crackin' on some tech to stop that B*tch in 2036.

360ICE1961d ago

If it hits I sure hope we'll be able to determine that early on. So people can get moving on some global defense systems. (though I bet Russia will use their veto against it in the security council).

I don't hope we'll find out too soon though. Because then everyone will be like "Well, that's years away. We can relax for now" and then people will remain complacent until it's like a year away and then we just panic.

Kopite_20201961d ago

Fuuuurrrrrkkkkk (in anticipation)