So The Leaked Galaxy S4 Is A Spitting Image Of iPhone 5

Mobile & Apps: "Did anyone see the leaked image of the supposed Samsung Galaxy S4? If that photo is real, then we could be in for an iPhone 5 look-alike launching this year."

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fatstarr1867d ago

Im sure Samsung has learned their lesson for releasing similar products that look like the competition.

iSpy1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

No didn't.

LOL_WUT1866d ago

It does have a resemblance to the new iPhone. Samsung saw Apple making all the big bucks so they went with something that works. ;)

Speed-Racer1866d ago

Wasn't it cleared up some time ago that this was a fake?

Codeman4201866d ago

Too bad the picture they used for this article has been stretched from the one in the link. Nice try.