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Submitted by -Mezzo- 1126d ago | opinion piece

It's official: 3D is dead

TheVerge - The tech industry's annual hot air balloon show is gone, and the world's a better place for it. (Culture)

-Mezzo-  +   1126d ago
It indeed has, it was almost nonexistent at this year CES.
Brawler  +   1126d ago
Its all about 4K resolution now.
HappyGaming  +   1125d ago
And it will spring back to life again 10-20 years from now when the 3D tech makes another leap into glass free HD.

EDIT: Anaglyphic 3D died and everyone forgot about until Avatar.
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Speed-Racer  +   1126d ago
Yes, the only booth we saw really covering 3D was LG. It's awesome, but I don't ever see it catching on in the future. 4K is looking really awesome.
-Mezzo-  +   1125d ago
Did you catch any flying words about the Prices of 4K Televisions.

I mean they'll fail just like 3D, if theiy're not appropriately priced.
Speed-Racer  +   1125d ago
@Mezzo - I'll check that out today but I suspect it's gonna be ridiculously priced. I might hold off a few years before getting one myself since most TV and movie resolutions don't support it either.
fatstarr  +   1125d ago
4k will not fail, its the evolutionary natural next step

like from 480 to 730 to "true hd" 4k will be the next step
this year $10k 4k resolution capable tvs
next year $5k 4k resolution capable tvs
year after $2k 4k resolution tvs with a bandwagon market ex cable boxes from Verizon and cablevision are now marketed towards 4k

then we have 200$ 4k capable resolution tvs and maybe some 4k ready consoles. Just a repeat of this 1080p LCD generation but replace everything 1080 with 4k...
jony_dols  +   1125d ago
3D in the living room may be dead, but 3D in cinemas is going from strength to strength.

With directors like Ang Lee & Martin Scorsese choosing the tech over standard 2D & 5 of the US's highest grossing films of 2012 being 3D; don't expect it die anytime soon.
KingPin  +   1125d ago
"...5 of the US's highest grossing films of 2012 being 3D"

i dont think it was in the top 5 because it was in 3D. i think if Avengers was in 2D it would have still grossed as much. look at dark knight rises for example, its one of the highest grossing movies of 2012 and isnt remotely associated with 3D.

my point being that 3D isnt the selling point of the movie. i doubt anyone went to the cinema and said "dark knight rises, wtf, its in 2D. lets go watch the lorax coz its in 3D so it must be better."
jony_dols  +   1125d ago
No, but the 3D tickets cost around a third more than their 2D compatriots, adding to the box office of the films. The Avenger's eventual gross of $1.5B would have been around 30% less had it only been shown in 2D. Unsurprisingly studios like an extra half a billion(!) in their coffers & they call the shots.

Actually ALL 5 of the top grossing films of ALL-time were presented in 3D (including Titanic's theatrical re-release). So for this article to declare that '3D is dead' is incorrect, the format is actually expanding because more films & directors are using the tech.
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fatstarr  +   1125d ago
and the 3ds is gonna keep 3D on the handheld front alive and well.
fei-hung  +   1125d ago
people seem to forget that all 4k TV's will most likely be 3D ready just like how most new OLEDS, backlit LED and SMART TV's are.

Everyone I know who has bought a new TV recently (from old aunties and uncles to gamer friends and family), has bought a SMART TV which has come with active 3D glasses.

Most of these people are now using the 3D when ever the optio is available for games and films.
fatstarr  +   1125d ago
exactly that 4k is the new bandwagon

3d was only a .5 thing ex In DBZ there was super saiyan 1.5 but it went out the window once super saiyan 2 came.

3D was just a place holder to make money off of 1st adapters being hip, trendy and cool.

expect to see a 4k 3.D band wagon in the next 1-4 years.
Anon1974  +   1125d ago
This would be interesting, if it were true. There was a tonne of 3d gadgets and what not at CES this year, from 3D 4k televisions to 3D cameras and camcorders to announcements regarding a tonne of movies receiving 3D makeovers. Just google "CES" and "3D" and you'll find article after article written about the 3D offerings from this year's CES. 3D isn't going anywhere except millions of living rooms and movie theatres.

The focus might not of been as strong on 3d as it has been in recent years, but they're not going to show the same tech year after year. That's not the point of CES. Saying 3D was absent though makes me wonder what CES show did this guy go to?
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GuyThatPlaysGames  +   1125d ago
3D is still big in homes. I have a 3D tv and a bunch of others I know have it as well. In my house we always watch everything in 3D. It might have a limited appeal to a certain audience but we sure do enjoy it.
badz149  +   1125d ago
seriously, what are u people talking about? it's far from dead. of course 4k is the focus this year but almost all if not all those crazy 4k sets are 3D capable - it's not sloppy either, they were talking full 1080p 3D!

phillips went so far as to show the working 60" glasses-free set too and Sony said that they are working on active 3D 4k TV. so...dead? just becomes the standard feature for all future TVs!
krazykombatant  +   1126d ago
Good i didn't understand why it came back all of the sudden. waste of money for R&D
nikrel  +   1126d ago
4K won't matter till 5-10years from now, when prices are where they are now. I'm not spending more than 1k on a tv just to have 4k res, not only that but i'm sure 4k tvs will be in the range of 5-15 thousand dollars.
abzdine  +   1126d ago
i have a BRAVIA 3DTV and i'm very happy for it!
Playing games in 3D add more value, same as 3D movies.

3D rocks the world, the negative thing is that it costs money nothing to do with glasses it's just an excuse cause try to price a 3DTV the same as a normal one and see what happens. The technology is still expensive it needs time before it's affordable.

This is like people who say: I hate Lamborghini cars. Doesn't make sense cause it's not made for everybody.
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solid_warlord  +   1126d ago
3D is only good for watching porn
KingPin  +   1125d ago
so when the cum shot is coming at you, do you duck out the way or say aaaaaaaaaa :P
KwietStorm  +   1125d ago
hiredhelp  +   1125d ago
You made me smile thats hard to do.
rezzah  +   1125d ago
I think hiredhelp wants to kiss you.
Gregard  +   1125d ago
Before or after the "aaaaaaaaaa" ? :P
Dfooster  +   1126d ago
I think electronic shows are there to show off new technologies not ones we can buy from our local currys store already. 3D hasn't gone away its just not new anymore same as how they don't have a keynote speech that says this tv displays its picture in colour instead of black and white.

If they improve upon the technology with 3D expect to see it back at these shows in future years.
5eriously  +   1125d ago
Ahh Geez, tel that to Sony and all the other manufacturers that are releasing 3D TV's and 3D content, QUICK..

There is nothing new to show in 3D technology it's just the same tech and choices, it's now up to the content providers the create content.

Now lets see how dead 3D is. At CES2013 Samsung revealed a flagship OLED technology TV the KN55F9500 Real OLED TV.

Here is an extract

[" One of the unique features though is the true Multi-View feature, which lets two people watch entirely different programs with audio. While last year saw several two-person gaming solutions, these involved a single game and shared audio. The optional $99 3D glasses will incorporate headphones and enable two users to watch separate 2D or 3D content."]

Look I see Multiview and 3D as the two main touted features???? Now tell me again is 3D dead.

Stupid opinion pieces are just that... Stupid opinion pieces!

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Rainstorm81  +   1125d ago
Sorry meant to agree...+bubs well said
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evil_element  +   1125d ago
It was unfortunately too big a jump from HD TV's coming only few years back from it. HD took fair amount of time to filter through shops, media and technology firms. The jump from HD to 3D on the tail end of global recession sealed its doom in 2009.
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spartanlemur  +   1125d ago
Yeah sure it is. 4k is all well and good, but the human eye can only see so much detail, and so 2d will undoubtedly reach it's limit (You will barely be able to tell the difference between 4K and above unless you watch from a few cm away).

3D is the future, and just because there is nothing being shown off this year, it doesn't mean there aren't any products bubbling away in a backroom somewhere.

Also, the gaming industry is on the verge of a 3D renaissance, with HD VR goggles with head tracking (Oculus Rift) not only getting a definite release for PC, but also being the subject of a prototype from Sony. Microsoft is also allegedly developing kinect goggles, while Valve is both taking a keen interest in 3D goggles and actively looking at funding them. So we've got all three gaming heavyweights looking at the technology with one independent project having developer editions released in March (and this one already has support from many upcoming releases).

Have no doubt that if 3D goggles take off in the gaming world, that people will want to use them to watch movies on, and that we may eventually see an impact on living room viewing.

3D is far from dead; it's simply taking a moment to consider how to proceed.
chrispseuphoria  +   1125d ago
I enjoy 3D. It adds a layer of depth into the image which engrosses you into a game/video. In Assassin's Creed III, for example, the depth of field really helps make the world believable. The beautiful opening shot in Hugo from famed director, Martin Scorsese, really reminds me of what 3D can be capable of.
chrispseuphoria  +   1125d ago
I enjoy 3D. It adds a layer of depth into the image which engrosses you into a game/video. In Assassin's Creed III, for example, the depth of field really helps make the world believable. Also, the beautiful opening shot in Hugo from famed director, Martin Scorsese, really reminds me of what 3D can be capable of.
Ares84HU  +   1125d ago
3D isn't dead. Why do people want it to fail so badly??

Go watch The Hobbit in 3D and than come back to me and say that 3D is dead.

konnerbllb  +   1125d ago
The hobbit in 3d at 48fps was terrible. Worst film experience of my life.
Ares84HU  +   1125d ago
Than something must be wrong with you if you think that it was terrible.
konnerbllb  +   1125d ago
The film wasn't bad, it was the tech it was presented on.
level 360  +   1125d ago
3D ain't dead.. these next gen OLED and 4K screens are going to incorporate 3D as standard features.

It also depends on the producers'/directors' preference as showed by Chris Nolan a great director but is in opposition with 3D tech although still delivering a great film in the Batman series.

In the end it's the way how film makers/game developers/television sporting programs utilize 3D to suit their needs and fan base.
megamanX2  +   1125d ago
when was it ever alive?
SilentNegotiator  +   1125d ago
A new leap was introduced too soon and in a broken economy. It's not dead or stillborn....just on the backburner. With latest tech, incorporated 3D is an absolute given.
jairusmonillas  +   1125d ago
That's because 3D is not for everyone, not everyone have perfect eye sights.
Daver  +   1125d ago
3D is awesome! and far from being dead...
kingPoS  +   1125d ago
Where's Gene Dolgoff when you need him? I would buy one his converter if it preforms as advertized. My guess is that he's working on downsizing his prototype.
cyclindk  +   1125d ago
Make way for 4KD... if you die in-game, you die for real...
iliimaster  +   1125d ago
the best part about all these 4k and whatever new tvs come out is that i can get a 120 hertz 1080p 55inch for bottom dollar now that all these smart tvs and now 4k
devilhunterx  +   1125d ago
Don't these new fangled UHDTVs have 3D aswell?

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