Delphi's new plug-in OBD2 device makes your car remote-controlled

Techradar-Fancy adding remote control features and monitoring to your car? Then you want the new Delphi Connected Car. It's a simple plug-in device that enables a wide range of remote features including GPS tracking and remote unlocking via a smartphone app.

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jacobcollins1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

The first hitch is that Delphi Connected Car is only offered through Verizon Wireless, so Sprint users enjoying unlimited data with their iPhones are out of luck. The app is also, according to, only offered for Android and iPhone, at least for now. There are other OBDII connectors with Bluetooth that will display car data through apps, though none from a real player in the auto industry like Delphi and none that will do as much stuff.
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