A new facebook design interface concept

Curioo: Conceived by swedish interactive art director Fred Nerby as a conceptual systematic design approach, the imagined layout to the largest networking platform in the world - yes, we're talking about facebook here -focuses on a more streamlined solution for the online platform. By implementing a tile format to refresh the existing networking site, the designer works around a fluid grid with 7x8 columns, to provide a more engaging experience

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Crazyglues1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

It's nice, but really pointless... for two reasons..

Facebook says it's against it's terms of agreement for anyone to change the look of Facebook's API in an app or in the browser... so no chance of making this..

And two, Facebook does not take input on design from outside of Facebook...

So nice but kind of pointless --

Looks cool, but if your going to waste that much time, might want to actually design something that has a better chance of getting made..

-I'm Just Saying