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Kingston Is Making Largest And Fastest 3.0 USB Of 1 TB Kingston Is Making Largest And Fastest 3.0 USB Of 1 Tera Bite

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fatstarr1966d ago

Im very interested in this but a bit skeptical.
ive had flash drives fail on me...

I need testing and failure rates on this thing.

hopefully its at a pretty cheap price too.

Crazyglues1965d ago

1 TB ... that's going to be expensive

fatstarr1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

well it seems like it would be under 200 hopefully. since you can pick up a 1tb drive for cheap.

then mass production and after awhile the cost will slip remember 32 gb flash drives were an arm and a leg and now you can get them for 16$.

2014 TB flash drives for 60$... can you say mini Nas boxes on the way? and by then it will be 2tb flash drives. of course there is still a high failure rate and not meant for securing things that you love... but its tempting.

Rawaha1965d ago

prices will be pretty high for this i think so it will be near 1700 $

MilkMan1965d ago

Unless the technology has changed, flash drives are not meant for long term storage so i cant really see whats the use for a flash drive with such a huge capacity.
These things no matter how expensive are designed to eventually fail.

Rawaha1965d ago

yeah. for such huge storage external portable hard drive is best

e-p-ayeaH1965d ago

In 5 years from now 1TB pen drives will be around 20-30$ hopefully..that´s crazy!

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