Roku celebrates 700 channel milestone with new partners

Engadget - Sure, Roku's compact Streaming Stick will happily pipe streaming content to any MHL-ready TV, but there's nothing like the guarantee of certification to convince you you're buying the right flatscreen. Roku has announced partnerships with six mare hardware manufacturers, ensuring future devices from Hisene, Harmon Kardon, Coby, Voxx Accessories, Apex and TCL will be "Roku Ready." New TVs from partners old and new will be on display at CES, Roku teased, all flaunting the Streaming Stick's access to a wealth of streaming content.

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fatstarr1961d ago

that channel count is a bit of exaggeration

1/2 the channels are religious or public service
then the other channels are redundant channels
and then another portion for paid apps
there are some unique and fresh channels three you just have to search for days.

this stick thing looks interesting though.