Google Nexus 4 Versus Samsung Galaxy S3

Chillopedia | For some time Samsung has been seen as the premier smartphone manufacturer out of Korea. The Galaxy series has been widely lauded as excellent smartphones the world over, though it should be noted that there are regional differences in processors and features (depending upon the mobile phone deals offered in a particular region).

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CptBach1839d ago

Come on... VERSES

How does it get approved???

Speed-Racer1839d ago

Don't be a wise guy, you were the one who submitted 'verses' in the first place. I had to change it later on.

Fat Onion1839d ago

Off contract Nexus 4 Cost $300. Galaxy S3 Cost $600.

Nexus 4 Wins!

bigfish1839d ago

I prefer 'Versus' to be perfectly honest.

KingPin1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

anyone know the clear cut difference between the nexus 4 and the LG optimus G?

to me they seem to be the same phone in a different shell.

lsujester1839d ago

I have an Optimus G while my wife has a Nexus 4. Different housing, Optimus is more squared and industrial, Nexus is rounded off more. Optimus has LG's custom skin and carrier bloatware on top of ICS, while Nexus has pure Android 4.2. Optimus has LTE, while the Nexus only runs HSPA+. Those are the biggest differences.

There are a few other minor ones like the placement of certain items like the notification LED.

arjman1839d ago

Optimus G has a better camera as well doesn't it?

lsujester1838d ago

Couldn't say. I usually have a camera around, so I rarely take phone shots.

chukamachine1838d ago

rofl, why bother submitting that.

Go onto any phone site to compare specs, and abetter job as well.

S3 all day long.

Blasphemy1838d ago

Seriously this has got to be the most pathetic comparison I have ever seen LOL.

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