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Submitted by Mark484 1134d ago | article

So long, Facebook and thanks for all the nothing

Zdnet-Call it a New Year's resolution or call it finally coming to my senses but I'm dumping Facebook. This time for real and for good. (Facebook, Web)

MilkMan  +   1133d ago
Crazyglues  +   1133d ago
I will co-sign that... I hate facebook always have..

if it wasn't for all My silly friends saying, oh what's your facebook? what? why aren't you on facebook???

I would have never even joined that social disaster..

(all the silly oh I just went outside to this hotdog stand, let take a picture and post it on facebook so you can know what I'm doing right now)

-yes your life is so fail you have nothing better to do then check the status of your friends so you can feel all caught up with there life.. Great.

It is the biggest waste of time and space ever, nothing says you are a serious loser like having to check your facebook status..

It's like high school all over again, oh me too, I want to fit in.. please add me as a friend.. Can I add you to my facebook??? ...LoL

Oh look I now have 4267 friends on Facebook - Real Friends - 0

ah facebook, Good times, NOT!... LoL
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Raf1k1  +   1133d ago
lol so true. I never got into it as I've always seen it as just another MySpace or Hi5.

The number of people asking each other about how many friends or Hi5s they had was ridiculous
calis  +   1133d ago
I had to lol @ crazyglues and his pathetic rant. I guess he is part of the 'cool' crowd to hate on popular things.

But hey, you must feel so important to feel the need to write to say how good you are for not being on facebook and telling the world about it. Then justify it by generalising facebook users as people with no friends.

Crazyglues  +   1133d ago
@ calis

actually I'm not even going to comment on how stupid your comment is... for one I said I was on Facebook because of my friends.

so to say "how good you are for not being on Facebook" -where did I say I wasn't on it..???

you might want to actually read what was written before you start to comment on it.
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Kos-Mos  +   1131d ago
I`m sorry but you are owned by calis. Enjoy.
HG_69   1133d ago | Spam
Mark484  +   1133d ago
Really they are proving this thing day by day !!!
Asuka  +   1133d ago
though i agree with most of the comments above me, i have to say that i enjoy my facebook. I do not have many friends on my fb, and i do not play all those nonsense games. I use it to connect with family i have overseas.

facebook has its faults, but it does help me keep connected with my family that i have elsewhere in the world where i simply could not otherwise.
Mark484  +   1133d ago
Hey man , I think you are saying true that through Facebook one advantage that most of ous is taking is that is that it help us to remain in contact with family and friends .But They are changing the polices day by day .Recently that add that 1$ will be cost to send msg to unknown person .According to me its time to move to another source.
Bimkoblerutso  +   1133d ago
It's true, it can be used for good...but mostly it's just abused. People literally avoid talking to each other so they can text/Facebook.

I used to be very close with my family, but now every time we get together for holidays or birthdays, we can't even play a damned board game without the phones sitting on the table, ready to interrupt our lives with updates from everyone else's. My Aunt has become so "involved" with so many people's lives now that she barely has any free time, much less time to spend with her family.

I don't mean to sound melodramatic, but it is absolutely killing the relationship my family had before the portable age. The real problem with Facebook is that it creates a false significance for everything we do in our lives. It makes us feel like we matter and matter to other people more than we do or should even want to.
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andrewer  +   1133d ago
17 and I still don't give a f**k for facebook...always hated it. Hope it burns O.o
Kos-Mos  +   1131d ago
You don`t give a fuck about facebook, but you hope it burns? With that logic you`re 17 all right.
andrewer  +   1131d ago
LOL it was a joke, why so serious?
GamerSciz  +   1133d ago
I play 0 facebook games. I know 98% of my fb friends in real life (some I have met through online gaming). I pretty much use facebook for events as all my friends create birthday parties, and bar crawls and what not as facebook events. The select few who charge will use Eventbrite.
Deadpool616  +   1133d ago
Why is it that every time someone leaves Facebook, they have to make a BIG announcement about it?
SilentNegotiator  +   1133d ago
Because they're better than us. Like vegans. /s
gamer7804  +   1133d ago
Because its the cool thing to do, to hate on facebook. I don't love it nor hate it. But seriously, know how to make it work for you, or don't use it. pretty simple.

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