Google Music: Best Music Hub For Android - Google Music is a relatively new addition to the Play store, giving you the chance to buy music direct from Google and download it to your device. It’s a cloud-based service that gives you access to your purchases on any Android device, but is not just limited to new songs you’re buying. All the music already stored on your phone is also available in the Google Music app, while you can also download the Google Play Music Manager from which will automatically scan the music stored on your PC or Mac (iTunes data) and give you access to 20,000 tracks in your cloud storage for free. There’s a built-in audio player for every song in your collection, and the app does a pretty good job of displaying album art – something which many of its competitors fail to achieve. In this mini tutorial we’ll guide you through Google Music, and show you how you can be listening to your song collection in a matter of minutes.

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