Samsung Loses Bid to Seal Sales Data in Apple Dispute

Bloomberg: Samsung Electronics Co. (005930) lost a bid to keep sales data of some of its products sealed in a U.S. patent dispute with Apple Inc.

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KingPin1964d ago

samsung should just pull out of the U.S entirely. leave them to their shitty rehashed apple devices. sure, it will cost them a fortune, but this way, that same fortune is going into court cases and penalty fees. so either way samsung dont see that money.

apple should then leave asia and and any lawsuit that comes that way should just get thrown out. i think that would work for everyone.

evil_element1963d ago

A court case is a court case case. Can't go making accusations and with hold evidence because you feel it might damage your reputation.

If Samsung is the innocent party out of all of this, why not give all the evidence they have to the court. And if what they say is true, then no evil will come of this.

Rule of law, if raise a court case or object to a court case you must be ready to part with information public and private. If not a case will fall in favor of the other party.

KingPin1963d ago

the court already has its mind made up. the evidence here is just to see how much more they can milk from samsung to hand over to apple.

its a US court defending a US company. FACT!!

funny how in europe and asia, samsung did no wrong. but in america, Samsung had to pay a billion in penalties. you dont find that weird at all?

evil_element1962d ago

Law is law. In Europe its different with law. UK its even harder as law in technology varies.

Hozi1964d ago

it's just a matter of time before the worm works it way through the core of the apple.