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Deep Space travel is damaging to the brain

Vyralize: Hold your horses, Buzz Lightyear! New research indicates that cosmic radiation can have damaging effects on the brain during deep space missions, including accelerate indicators of Alzheimer’s disease. (Hi-tech)

Speed-Racer  +   937d ago
Hmmmm, I'll stay here on Earth for now.
Sarcasm  +   937d ago
Yeah same here, I'm canceling my next space flight now after reading this.
Yi-Long  +   936d ago
I think you'd already have to be nuts....
... to volunteer for doing a deep space mission in the first place...(!)
chukamachine  +   937d ago
All moon landings were fake.
Klonopin  +   937d ago
I was on the moon on Apollo 20, but don't tell anyone.
Hozi  +   937d ago
Man loves to play GOD and go outta his natural habitat, but God made Earth for Mankind for a good reason. There will be no space travel before God is ready to judge mankind.
Harkins1721  +   937d ago
Thing called science. God gave us science. Stfu nub
evil_element  +   937d ago
God said no building should be taller than the Vatican but we did it anyways. We are yet to be slayed.
TwistedMetal  +   937d ago
The world trade centers say Hi.
pixelsword  +   936d ago
Where did you get that one element? Not out of The Bible
vulcanproject  +   936d ago
Christian God also said gays are bad, you can own slaves, you can't eat this or that, you can't build this tower in Babel which isn't remotely as tall as half the buildings around today, I'll kill you all for doing something incredibly minor. I'm angry in this first part of the Bible, I might calm down a bit in the later bits etc etc.

Don't even get me started on Allah, him and Christian God....well....lets just say they won't even play poker together anymore.

In other words, let your Gods scrap it out in the alley behind the kebab shop over some woman won in said poker game and let the rest of us have a decent secular discussion about space travel.

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Dee_91  +   936d ago
@vulcan what part of the internet did you get the from?
a youtube comment?
it amazes me that people spew stuff out like that and actually believe it. Even some atheist that have read the bible that ive talked to knows all that "god is bad" crap kids say on the internet is complete ignorance and shows that you didnt actually read and comprehend what the bible teach.
Im not religious at all but theres a line between not believing in a god and being disrespectful
vulcanproject  +   936d ago
Obviously you missed the non too subtle point of my comment Dmarc, which is that if you want respect for your religious beliefs then respect my wish for a secular discussion on this secular technology website instead of filling it with your religion drivel.

If anyone wanted to read that then they have ample opportunity no doubt on other sites, sites where I don't go spouting off about about Technology in.

There is a time and a place, and this isn't either.
Darrius Cole  +   937d ago
Before this turns into yet another religion fight. As someone who believes in God, I just want to point out.

1. Harkins is right. God gave us science.
2. We've already had space travel. It was just to the moon and back, but that counts.
3. Why would care whether man travels to the far reaches of space or not? We can't outrun God no matter where we go.

You may not want want us to explore space, but don't blame it on God; it's just you.
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pixelsword  +   936d ago
You should watch this movie called "astronauts gone wild" and "a funny thing happened on the way to the moon"; you would mos likely change your mind about us having been to the moon.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to go to outer space and stuff, but I don't think it happened the way history says.
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god_mode  +   937d ago
God gave us the universe to explore just like he did Earth. Man needed to figure out the best ways to travel and explore Earth. Back then it was just as hazardous and dangerous to explore our surrounding here on Earth, now it's no problem and relativity safe. The same will be for space, right now we don't know how we can do it but in time we will and a trip to Mars will be like a trip to Disney Land.
SephirothX21  +   937d ago
And what evidence is there that a God or Gods exist? None. Grow up please.
m2stech  +   937d ago
Just because you can't see something or it's not in this physical dimension doesn't mean it's not there! grow up please.
alousow  +   937d ago
"And what evidence is there that a God or Gods exist? None. Grow up please. "
u my friend is brain washed. smh
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DarkBlood  +   937d ago
im more curious as to why your so against the idea of god anyways, its not like it can harm you
god_mode  +   936d ago
It's funny that people always want evidence of God existing, but can provide non themselves for him not existing.
pixelsword  +   936d ago
What evidence is there that a God or Gods exist? All empirical evidence in science shows that The Almighty exists.
Dee_91  +   936d ago
So your implying that having faith means your an imbecil?
No my friend you need to grow up
SephirothX21  +   933d ago
Firstly, the onus is on the believer to provide evidence that a God exists. The evidence that a God doesn't exist is that there is no evidence that one does. There is absolutely no reason to believe that the universe was created by some entity or entities.Secondly, its one thing being a deist but theists believe in things that there is no evidence to back up. That in my opinion is unwise and naive. You think some entity or entities created the universe 13.5 billion years ago and planned the existence of the human race (even though homosapians are around just 100,000 years) and then on top of that, actually care about us as individuals? As I said, grow up!
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bigrob904  +   936d ago
are you serious with this, this is why people need to get away from religion because it makes people say stupid stuff like this. but you know im not gonna get into a religious debate, or even ask to which "God" are you referring too. No, what im gonna do is say space like everything else takes time to master, the more we learn about it the safer it will be for us to travel through. Please don't push your ignorant comments around.
Hozi  +   936d ago
Science is a systematic knowledge of the physical or material universe gained by observable facts. The sacred writings of all world religions basically contain a system of faith. Yet each do make statements within the province of science that provides a uniquely valid test to prove their authenticity. If their scientific observations are in reality superstitions reflective of the culture in which they were written, these so called sacred books are disqualified as the inspired Scripture of God. If, indeed, the scientific observations of any of these purported Holy Scripture agree with the facts of science today, then that Bible is the inspired Word of a true and living God. Why? The Creator and God of the universe is the God of science — the author of the scientific laws that govern His universe. Only the God of science could cause scientific facts to be recorded in a book —the Bible — hundreds or thousands of years before scientists discover them.

For thousands of years people believed the earth was flat. If one went too far, he would fall over the edge. This was taught in both Hindu and Buddhist scripture. In the 1500s, the first ship sailed around the world. This proved the earth was round. But the round earth was recorded in the Judeo-Christian Bible long before man discovered it in the 1500s.

and lastly, God said this to Job. Thousands of years later we now have scientist saying the same thing like they now discovered it and it was written so long before.

Job 38: 31-32

Job, you think I am not concerned about your suffering. Well, let Me ask you these questions. Can you loose the bands of Orion? No, you cannot. But My Divine power will. Some day Orion will no longer exist. Job, can you bind the 250 stars of the Pleiades together in their symmetry of beauty and not have a single one drift off? Only I have this power and wisdom. Can you prevent the runaways — Arcturus and his sons — from colliding as they go dashing out of the Milky Way? No, only My Divine power and wisdom can.

Job, if I am caring for the details of the universe, do you doubt that I not only care for the details of your life, but I have the ability to solve your problems? Trust that there is a good reason I am permitting these tragedies. Remember, Job, I work from the perspective of your eternal welfare.
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BlmThug  +   936d ago
Are you the kind of person that believes the world is only 6,000 years old? P.S I believe in religion myself but science has many valid points for me too, including space travel
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Yi-Long  +   936d ago
God didn't make Earth...
... Man made God.
bigrob904  +   936d ago
you sir are a genius compared to that guy.
Audiggity  +   937d ago
How did this become a religion vs. science flame war?

Hahaha... the audacity from both sides of the argument is entertainingly pathetic.
Speed-Racer  +   937d ago
*sigh* It's always a shame that it comes down to these debates whenever science is the topic of discussion.
SilentNegotiator  +   936d ago
"the audacity from both sides of the argument is entertainingly pathetic"

It always is.
Audiggity  +   937d ago
God clearly invented the internet so we could all learn about eternal salvation.
Kopite_2020  +   937d ago
Just had a chat with God, he says keep it down!
Flavor  +   936d ago
Dream of mankind spreading out to unlimited resources, instead of solving the problems we have here. That's a winning game plan.

If, and that's a huge IF, we ever manage to waddle over to another star system, we will just despoil and pillage it like we have Earth.

After we solve the whole warfare, poverty, famine thing, then maybe, maybe , we can talk about your flash gordon fantasies.
Tornadobounce  +   936d ago
I'll do it.

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