How To Install vShare An Alternative Of Installous On Your iPhone

Iphonbuzz: Here is a step by step tutorial on how to install vShare, an alternative of installous on your iPhone.

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TaqiTee1970d ago

i need help on this! it is in japanese language, the updated version comes along in english and i cannot update it, it shows some error, somebody help me

XTGamers1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

1. Go here,
2. Download vShare (where it says "Download/Install")
3. Open the downloaded file in iTunes
4. Connect your iDevice
5. Go to the Applications tab
6. Select vShare from the list (click "install")
7. Sync

Done, you now have vShare installed. Note that you need AppSync installed on your device first in order to do this

It should be in english if you do it this way. Some apps will display chinese titles, but you can identify whatever they are from the pic

Rawaha1970d ago

bro why don't you try app cake and ifunbox
these two are easy to use.

alifayyazmalik1970d ago

is there any other way to install cracked app? and what abt iphone5 whose jailbreak is not available yet..