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Controversial Surgery for Addiction Burns Away Brain’s Pleasure Center

Healthland: How far should doctors go in attempting to cure addiction? In China, some physicians are taking the most extreme measures. By destroying parts of the brain’s “pleasure centers” in heroin addicts and alcoholics, these neurosurgeons hope to stop drug cravings. But damaging the brain region involved in addictive desires risks permanently ending the entire spectrum of natural longings and emotions, including the ability to feel joy.

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Klonopin1999d ago

the picture is just epic, but if i had to choose between being an addict or a Republican i would choose addict.

FordGTGuy1999d ago

If I had to choose between being shot or having the mentality of a modern Democrat or Republican I'd rather be shot.

BTW I'm a Libertarian and I stand up for the principles set by our Constitution.

Klonopin1998d ago

So who would you choose between a douche and a turd?

kingPoS1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Ouch! that picture almost hurts to look at.

It you take away someone's ability a simple enjoy pleasure then that person would likely go crazy and due something rash. Can you imagine living throughout life being perpetually unsatisfied?

FordGTGuy1999d ago

Wouldn't taking away someones ability to feel pleasure only serve to make the want for pleasure worse than ever?