Mom has 13-year old son agree to 18 point iPhone contract. Over the top?

Vyralize: As the world becomes more connected, more younger children are being gifted with cellphones from their parents for various purposes. There are always ground rules, but is this contract going too far?

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Speed-Racer1970d ago

I wouldn't have taken the phone. The parent's goal is in the right place, but it's very limiting in some aspects. If there are so many limitations, shouldn't they just have gotten him something simpler?

Seraphim1970d ago

indeed. there's much easier to teach responsibility.

crxss1969d ago

this is definitely over the top. "settle" for a samsung :/

Blackdeath_6631969d ago

i agree with you. it would be much easier and more satisfying to make money buy your own phone and have full rights to that phone rather than ask something from your parents and cry about it when they rightfully ask for it back. ever since i was about 14 i bought every electronic device with my own money so no one can tell me what to or not to do with it and since then i learnt i had to work for the things i want rather than ask for it. if i was the kid i would have started saving money for my own phone. the parents however have done nothing wrong

Bimkoblerutso1970d ago

I understand where this parent is coming from...but I also feel like they could have spent $200 less on a bare-bones phone and many of those regulations would have enforced themselves...

ShadowKingx1970d ago

Personally i see nothing with the contract here for a 13 yr old anyway. I think the rules are very well placed to teach and keep the 13 yr old safe from the negative aspects it can have. But that is just my opinion.

nukeitall1970d ago

I agree, and I wish more parents was this responsible with their own children.

CyberCam1970d ago

That's some serious good parenting skills at work! Too bad the majority of parents fail at this kind of AWESOME discipline!

@the posts above;
Getting something cheaper would have not gain the results this parent wanted to achieve. That child must have begged his parents a long time for the iPhone. If he had recieved anything less, he probably would not have followed the rules.

frjoethesecond1970d ago

This whole no porn thing is ridiculous in this day and age. People need an outlet for sexual desire as soon as they're old enough to experience it.

This woman is clearly intelligent and wants the best for her son, but underlines it with a backward "sexual desire is wrong" sentiment.

I looked at internet porn from the age of 13 and my mother used to buy porn for me too. I'm not a rapist or particularly dysfunctional as a result. I'm normal.

Regulating porn for teens is far better than outlawing it altogether. For example buying stuff that is more erotic than pornographic. Think nude models or text based porn. Let them buy/watch the hardcore stuff when they're old enough.

Enforcing a policy of you can only view this type of porn is far more practical and healthy than simply saying no porn.

Sorry about the rant but this backwards attitude to sex annoys me.

Raccoon1970d ago

He is right! Some idiots forget that we are HUMANS and we have natural instics...

Septic1970d ago

^^ Like natural violent instincts?

Baka-akaB1970d ago

Not really . It's hardly a natural instinct to go around killing your kin . That only happens out of necessity in nature and amidst a few species

KwietStorm1969d ago

Normal is a subjective term.

Shanks1970d ago Show
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The story is too old to be commented.