Ouya developer console gets an official unboxing, flaunts transparent case

Engadget - It's a little early for an Ouya teardown, but Kickstarters who chipped in $699 won't have to wait long to see what the little console is made of -- Ouya's developer hardware is transparent.

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kingPoS2001d ago

The Hulu of gaming?

Who knows what may happen in 2013?

aviator1892000d ago

I highly doubt this game system will make any waves in the industry, but the size and the price are certainly attractive.

hazelamy2000d ago

when they said only the dev models are plastic, i assume they mean clear plastic, and regular buyers aren't going to get it in wood or something. o_O

anyway, i'd certainly love to get one of the final versions of this.

trouble is, being that small, i could end up losing it. ^_^