Pentagon Preps Stealth Strike Force to Counter China

Wired : The U.S. military has begun a staged, five-year process that will see each of its three main stealth warplane types deployed to bases near China. When the deployments are complete in 2017, Air Force F-22s and B-2s and Marine Corps F-35s could all be within striking range of America’s biggest economic rival at the same time. With Beijing now testing its own radar-evading jet fighters — two different models, to be exact — the clock is counting down to a stealth warplane showdown over the Western Pacific.

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Soldierone1939d ago

Good! It's time to step up to them. Our government was stupid borrowing money and stupid letting all the jobs go there. China wants to play around, America needs to show its strength too. Time to quit getting pushed around.

ZeroX98761939d ago

seems like the US can`t even pay their debts. taking money from other countries to attack them after?

WOW, so proud!

scott1821938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

THE US didn't borrow money "to" attack China, they borrowed it for political reasons, wanted alot of china's goods to hopefully make friends. China is huge and they are throwing their weight around, America will try to pay off debts but doesn't want to be bullied by them either. P.S. US wont be the only one bullied by china..

fr0sty1938d ago

The US borrowed money to fund illegal undeclared wars in the middle east, and now wants to attack china because they can't repay those debts.

FlameBaitGod1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Lol if USA Gov wants to die faster that's a good way to start, like if they could actually win against china in a war. Their missiles probably say made in china too and I'm pretty sure japan would step in too.

Lvl_up_gamer1939d ago

Lets not forget the Iran issue.

The US had no problems jumping into a war against guys with rocks in caves during the war in Afgan but as soon as Iran started researching nuclear power the states had all these issues with them and Iran said you so much is try to invade us you will be met with our military full force. The US military put their tail between their legs and scampered back home.

The US can't afford another big war.

Soldierone1938d ago

Yeah because China has the healthiest people in the world right? Their poor living conditions will kill them faster than American soldiers. There is a reason people go to America for help, only country with a military capable of fighting is Russia, which will most likely be helping America in this.

It's China playing around, America has nothing against them. You want to showcase weapons? America will do it too, fair is fair.

I find it funny all the anti-American scrubs are still ignorant about everything America does. Go on keep bashing the country, because it just makes people laugh.

Tultras1938d ago

The ' made in china ' part made me laugh really hard, Thanks. :D

AsimLeonheart1939d ago

United States will not be the superpower forever and China is bound to become a superpower. It is the United States that has been pushing around countries not the other way around. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and many other such poor weak countries. It is the only country that is invading other countries left and right today and justifies it with lies like Weapons of Mass Destruction in case of Iraq and Osama Bin Laden in case of Afghanistan. Both of the claims turned out to be false and the US government only fired the CIA chief as an apology after ruining two countries. Actually we all know the real reason behind United States agression which is oil and not "jihadis". The same Mujahideen/Jihadis which are called terrorists today were heroes a few decades ago when they were fighting the Russians with American support. United States is a bully, lier and a hypocrite that likes to abuse its military and economic power. However, China will not be a child's play like Afghanistan and Iraq.

scott1821938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

China abuses their own people and they will rule the world with an iron fist once they take over. Hope you are brushing up on your chinese. Get ready to starve, to be pushed around, thrown in jail for speaking ill of the chinese leader and having the internet censored... Go China!

Soldierone1938d ago

And? If America wasn't there for the oil, you don't think other countries would be there with different rules about it? They did find Sadam and they did find Osama, so how is that a lie? Countries celebrated when America took both men down. Some of the "lies" benefit more countries than America.

You think China will be any better? Look at how they treat their own country.... now imagine them in control! Anyone that wants China to be a super power has lost it... (Not saying you want that,just pointing it out)

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Good thing this is a secret!

Also I am moving from this going down hill country sooner or later.

I can still play ps4 and use google in sweden I am sure.

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AsimLeonheart1939d ago

Your USA is killing millions in the name of "War on Terror" which is actually the War on Oil. It is simply looting and plundering on a global scale! Beating up third world countries, destroying them and taking their resources under some false excuse for invasion. United States is the biggest bully and terrorist in the world. A country that fights "terrorism" by terrorizing others. Do you know that according to BBC news more than 60,000 innocent Pakistani civilians have been killed by United States in drone strikes in Pakistan? You are rallying and supporting such actions?? Despicable indeed.

Tultras1938d ago

I live in Pakistan.

No, drone strikes have NOT killed 60,000 civilians in Pakistan, that's impossible.

I actually receive info on what the media channels broadcast abroad ( my uncles live in America, Canada etc ), i find most of it hilarious.

grifter0241938d ago

Asim- Did you know that throughout the history of the Earth that people have been fighting the entire time?

Every damn populated zone on this Earth right now has been in a fight one time or another AND has caused civilian casualties. I know it's the cool thing for everyone to bash America saying we fight for anything but don't turn a blind eye and be ignorant in thinking every other country is holding daisies and skipping around.

Everyone already forgot that China was trying to overinflate money to get an upper hand, Japan is in a slippery slope with Korea, everyone in the middle east is always fighting.

Turning a blind eye and painting one government evil. Despicable indeed.

Flavor1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Actually, grifter, America had a chance for real world peace after the collapse of the USSR, but threw it away for greed and invasion.

We instigated Afghanistan uprising in 79. We instigated the breakup of the balkans. We gave our buddy Saddam the green light to attack iran then invade Kuwait then played white knight in desert storm.

We invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Pakistan. yes, pakistan. We bomb Somalia and yemen.

Now we antagonize China and stir up an arms race in the pacific, while funding a brutal civil war in Syria.

Who is turning the blind eye here?

AsimLeonheart1938d ago

Flavor has already answered to your post so I do not need to say anything more.

grifter0241937d ago


I'm not defending the actions of my government nor am I trying to turn a blind eye to the fact that the USA government does some pretty fucked up shit...I live here and I had to deal with PIPA,SOPA,Patriot Act,getting full nude/grabbed if I want to get on an airplane and all this other crap so I know first hand that the USA government is messing up.

The thing is do you honestly believe if the USA actually did try for world peace that every single continent would actually go for it? What you think the Middle East would be right as rain right now without them fighting every day?

That's a huge assumption and a bad one at that...fighting is inevitable and when billion dollar companies control most of what happens in the world it's just a matter of time.

Don't just blame the USA blame everyone in this planets greed for how shitty it is.

SnakeCQC1939d ago

hope china calls in the debt soon

krisq1939d ago

And there goes the stealth part...

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