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Galaxy S4 mockup hands-on video shows us the ghost of Christmas future?

Android Authority - The Galaxy S4 is more and more present in rumors and reports and we’re not surprised to see that the handset is already staring in its first hands-on video without being even made official yet. (Phones, samsung galaxy s4)

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-Mezzo-  +   822d ago
My God, that's one gorgeous piece of Hardware.
caseh  +   821d ago
Oh sh!t, its got rounded corners...run for the hills!
Dynasty  +   821d ago
Lol so gimmicky. Also, whats with the fascination in bigger screens? At one point it just becomes TOO big (as shown in the GS3.)
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caseh  +   821d ago
Thats just the way the industry is going.

Few years ago it was about how small you could make the phone. Now its how big a screen can I slap on our next mobile phone. As the components get smaller, it frees up space for the screen to get bigger.
dboyc310  +   821d ago
Your right but I look at it this way. A few years back phones really weren't used the same way they are now. Back then people used them for the basic which were texting and calling now that society has become so connected to social networks it works best to have a big screen. Plus our whole lives revolves around these devices so the bigger the screen the more smoother our experience is and no more dealing with cramp text on the screen. I'm currently using the note 2 and while many may think it's big I think it's perfect and the right size for everything it has to offer. I do agree that there is a limit though but the way phones have changed throughout the years is amazing. Just can't see myself going back to phones that are 4' or smaller. It just feels weird.
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Army_of_Darkness  +   821d ago
Big screens make a phone really sexy lookin' these days:-D
No need for eye squinting anymore folks!
sandman224  +   821d ago
That's what she said ;-) Anywho. I'm going to sell my iPhone 5 as soon as the s4 comes out. I would've bought an s3 but the tech was to old compared to the iPhone 5. So I told myself to wait for the s4. I will be more than happy to sell my iPhone 5 at a loss to get a better phone with a MAN sized screen. If anyone thinks having a bigger screen is bad you need to lay off the drugs or stop being a fanboy.
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caseh  +   820d ago
'I would've bought an s3 but the tech was to old compared to the iPhone 5.'

Lol...what? The S3 launched a while before the iPhone5 but technically the S3 is superior in nearly every aspect expect the screen if I remember rightly.

This is where Apple products have a mystical advantage, their owners believe them to be at the top of the pile until someone shows them the specifications.

Scroll down, look at the table comparison:

I still have an S2, I honestly don't need to shift up to mobile phones that are capable of running nuclear detonation simulations in realtime. :)
steve30x  +   820d ago
I prefer a big screen because I have dificulty typing on the smaller than four inch screens
solid_warlord  +   821d ago
Samsung are becoming Apple like with its popularity. This is fake by the way.
wjbjnr  +   821d ago
Currently have Galaxy S2 and thought I would upgrade it wuth Galaxy S5 but if the actual product resembles with this mockup, might have to consider upgrading earlier :)
Tsalagi  +   821d ago
I hope the edge to edge screen thing doesn't catch on. I'm constantly hitting buttons by mistake on my S3. I can't imagine the amount of screw ups i would make on a screen that went all the way to the edge.
iliimaster  +   821d ago
man that looked crazy i love my gs3 its perfect in every way in my book and look forward to buying my next phone from them
SKUD  +   821d ago
That's some amazing shoop skills.

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