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Submitted by cipitzu 1069d ago | article

Official Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update for Samsung Galaxy S3 is Here As we all know Galaxy S3 is the newest smartphone from Samsung and because of that all the Android OS updates arrive first on this device. On this thinking the latest update form Google is Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2. This new update comes with allot of interesting new features that make the Galaxy S3 even better and more user friendly. Among them the best thing is Multi-Window feature that allows the user to put on the device display two different tasks and use both of them in the same time. (Android, Phones, Samsung Galaxy S III)

BlmThug  +   1069d ago
When will these updates be available in the UK?
Reborn  +   1069d ago
I downloaded it a while back.
fozzyhull  +   1069d ago
use odin and down load the official 4.1.2 rom,check this site out
BlmThug  +   1069d ago
Thank you but no thank you, i'd rather wait.
fozzyhull  +   1069d ago
forgot to add it dosnt need rooting and wont void warrant as its stock rom
wjbjnr  +   1069d ago
isn't it quite an old news?. The official android 4.1.2 builds started to roll to since 5th dec
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