Phew! Asteroid to miss Earth in 2040, NASA says

(CNN) -- On a day when global doomsday predictions failed to pan out, NASA had more good news for the Earth: An asteroid feared to be on a collision course with our planet no longer poses a threat.

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Mister_G1973d ago

Doesn't matter, the Anubis asteroid hits in 2029 so we'll all be gone by 2040 :)

360ICE1973d ago

2040 here we come. I'm looking forward to Final Fantasy XXVII-3

chukamachine1973d ago

None of these asteroids are on target for earth. But something could knock them off course and then head them for earth.

SilentNegotiator1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Intergalactic News Aggregate Network: "Cosmic Dust Speck Misses Cosmic Grain of Sand, Puny Humans Spared Until Invasion"

XboxInnovation1972d ago

Asteroids won't do any more damage than a massive earthquake/Tsunami. Don't believe the garbage so-called analysts spew out of their mouths with how it could destroy earth and mankind lol. Such a crock of shit.