Genetically Engineered T-Cells Successfully Treat Leukemia

ETECHMAG:- Researchers at University of Pennsylvania have come up with a technique to treat leukemia, a cancer that affects blood cells, with genetically engineered cells and have seen drastic results in patients. The experimental cancer treatment technique has successfully treated leukemia in nine out of twelve patients.

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aridectel1975d ago

the T-virus is here!
zombie apocalyps soon.

frjoethesecond1975d ago

Awesome. Was gonna say the same thing.

CraigandDayDay1974d ago

I Am Legend!!!! Noooooo. lol

etechmag1975d ago

Make sure your zombie apocalypse kit is ready.

extermin8or1974d ago

This news is over a year old, the preliminary test occured when I was in france on holiday because I saw it mentioned on a science journal and news site and read all about it, that was in early august 2011....

Deku-Johnny1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

This is amazing news, what a leap forward for mankind. In other news reports of cannibalism are coming in from Racoon City...

1974d ago
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