Google Play growing faster than Apple's App Store: Report

NDTV Gadget-Google's online Play shop of applications for Android-powered smartphones or tablets is growing fast, a report released Thursday by market tracker Distimo said.

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Mark4842010d ago

I am sure This will continue in coming years also.Apple will never beat Google Store.

CraigandDayDay2009d ago

At a faster rate, maybe, but that's because the App store has matured and isn't growing as fast. The App store has much more quality though. In the Play Store you encounter many more apps that are incompatible with certain Android phones. Fragmentation is an issue with cheaper Android phones.

One really good thing I do like about the Play Store is that you can get a refund for apps if you don't like it or it doesn't work. I've always wished I could do that on my iPhone. Maybe Apple will allow that eventually. Probably not, though, sadly.

AgentWhite2009d ago

rightly said Android store has much more junk apps whereas apple app store are excellent . but we cant ignore the fact Android is raising high,tough times for Apple if it goes on same pace .

caseh2009d ago

Apple need to pull their fingers out of their ass and offer mid/lower end variations of the iPhone.

You look at HTC, Samsung and Sony. They each have a flagship mobile but they also have several other models to choose from. Most manufactuers run Android, the choice of phones is pretty spectacular so the uptake of people using the Play store is huge.

With Apple you can opt for whats seen as an old phone or pay way over the odds for the latest model. Their bubble will burst sooner than most people think.

CraigandDayDay2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Umm it kind of does offer cheaper lower end iPhones. They're called the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and the iPhone 4S. LoL.

All of those can be had for MUCH cheaper than the new iPhone 5.

Rageanitus2009d ago

The truth is all the MAIN apps are on both play and appstore. TRUE there is alot of garbage apps on the play store but this also applies appstore.

Apple supporters can hide under the rock and thing nothing is happening but the wave is coming.

As a consumer who I am in the market to have a wide selection of phones, and android offers that.... apple does not and it locks ppl down to limited choice.

And the argument that iphones just "work" ummm sorry android just works also learning to use the EXTRA features only takes 5-10 minutes to learn..... making the interface to your preference is up to the USER!

Revvin2009d ago

The Play store is still playing a bit of catch-up with Apple's App Store as its been around longer but more and more developers are now releasing on both formats when going back only 18 months ago they were not. Google also need to speed up the roll out of their services globally. The UK had to wait quite a while for the music store and we're still waiting for gift cards.

faizanshakyboy2009d ago

I am thinking of switching to Android !

chcolatesnw2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

yes this is natural. just like third world countries are developing at a higher rate than already developed countries. The developed countries are close to or have reached steady state equilibrium, so the growth rate of capital is really small. Developing countries with less capital have a faster growth rate, since they are farther away from steady state, and all economies will reach steady state in long term, so it's just a matter of how fast. Same economics rules apply here.