End of World Means Most Amazing Home Page Ever, Says Google

NewYorker - While billions around the world await the Mayan Apocalypse this Friday with increasing dread, there is palpable excitement about it at the headquarters of Google, Inc., which is preparing what its C.E.O. is calling “our most awesome Google Doodle ever.”

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DoomeDx1228d ago

Im having a hard time beliving this.
Especially towards the end.

1Victor1227d ago

Lol @ the last bit he don't care if the world end and Google as long as Microsoft and Apple goes along with it

Lord_Sloth1227d ago

Meh. I'm tired of this planet's BS anyway.

KrimsonKody1227d ago

The World; "KaBOOOM!"
(looks around)
"...Huh, wha...who said that!?" - in your best Roger from American Dad voice.
Lol, j/k

KrimsonKody1227d ago

Go ahead, World, & end!
I don't care.
I wasn't sweating you anyways.