HTML5: The future of the Web is finally here

Cnn : The tool that promises to launch the next era of websites, smartphone apps and online video is finally finished.

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AgentWhite1558d ago

HTML 5 has made possible to embed our imagination in Web pages .

Mark4841558d ago

But before starting to embed imagination into webpages first kill internet explorer .Else all will fail.. LOLZ

AgentWhite1558d ago

why fail mark ??? download another browser and :-p

Speed-Racer1557d ago

@White - IE10 and 9 still score very low on the HTML5 compatibility charts. They still have a long way to come when compared to Firefox and Chrome. There is a cloud browser called Maxthon which trumps all others in the HTML5 game though.

Mark4841557d ago

But Your webpage is not met only 4 you. Some Users still use IE ,, take care of them

JANF1557d ago

Maybe the target audience for his website dont uses Explorer ;)

evil_element1558d ago

5-6 years time when WC3 approves of it. Till then we get little tastes of in various browsers.

SilentNegotiator1558d ago

Not truly "here and now", that's for sure.

AgentWhite1557d ago

yes one can see the innovation of Html 5 online . Many developer have uploaded their work . use the Api and have fun in designing .

SilentNegotiator1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

And is still dominated by Flash, Java, etc in actual usage by about 99%.

A lot of good innovation does if it isn't used for anything I'm actually using.

caseh1557d ago

It's only coming into play due to Jobs' little hissy fit with Adobe a few years ago and Apple refusing to adopt Flash, in a word or four...turtle-neck wearing tw*t.

Speed-Racer1557d ago

@caseh - you can't deny that Flash is a joke though. It's literally the only thing that makes my computer unstable.

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