Instagram on its new TOS: 'it's not our intention to sell your photos' Instagram has just responded to the public outcry over its changes to the company's terms of service today, saying that the company is "listening," and that "it's not our intention to sell your photos" — to fix the problem, it will update its terms of service.

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Yi-Long2009d ago

".... sure, I took out a life-insurance in your name, I dug a hole in ground, I bought a tombstone with your name on it, I sent the kids away to my parents, and I bought some rat-poison, but that doesn't mean anything. Don't be ridiculous!

... now drink your tea, Honey".

They need to change that TOS so users are and will remain in full ownership of THEIR content.

newsguy2008d ago

shady company is shady

justinbkerr2008d ago

wish I could believe them.